The Real Apartment Thread

Heh, Sin’s tried for years :stuck_out_tongue: Merlin’s taken his occasional stabs at it too but, really, like I said, don’t worry about me - I’m no addict. Sure, people say that every day, but I mean it when I say it. I care very little whether you think my drug use extends beyond pure fun and entertainment. Meanwhile, while you aren’t on drugs, you can’t really comment about the levels of addiction and how addicted someone is to drugs when you’ve never expereinced them yourself.

As for my muse, no, I don’t need drugs to write. I can write just fine without drugs, and do so all the time. What the drugs do for me is put me in an alternate state of mind to percieve certain events in a different way - the glass is half full not half empty, that sort of thing. When I write while on drugs it serves several purposes. One, since so much of the book is about being on drugs, actually being on drugs during the writing process makes it far easier for me to recollect the memories that I may not remember normally. Two, being on drugs sometimes encourages me to write, as I seem to accomplish a good deal when I do so (as far as the pure recollection goes, which at this point is all I’m doing). While its not my muse, it’s sometimes helpful. But at the same time I sometimes tend to get off on tangents, which isn’t really helpful. It’s more difficult to stay on task etc… but I can usually get down a good hour, hour and a halfs worth of work done.

As far as how the book is actually coming, it’s a slow process. As I mentioned, many of the relevent memories are hazy as due to whatever drugs I was on at the time, so actually bringing those memories back are kind of difficult, and I’m kind of coming up short. I’m starting to realize that perhaps the drugs aren’t as much as a focal point as I thought, but merely the events surrounding their use. I’m starting to, in the writing stage, focus less on the drugs that the people are on and focus more on what they’re doing while on whatever drug they’re on.

Alcohol and drugs don’t make people do things they don’t want to. They just make it easier for people to do things they already want to do.

Bad people use drugs to do fucked up things. Good people use them to be friendlier. “I was drunk” isn’t an excuse for behavior…

On the contrary, I think I am more qualified to judge than you. It sounds like you haven’t done many, if any drugs (which is good). But that also means that you don’t know as much about drugs as someone like Sorc or me. There is a fine line between a drug user and a drug addict. But a drug user has a better idea of where the line is than someone who does no drugs.

Granted, I don’t really know Sorc. Maybe he does have a problem, but I doubt it. From reading his posts, it sounds to me like he has a handle on it. Plus, he has been around this long. It doesn’t take long for an addict to circle the bowl, know what I mean?