The Real Apartment Thread

I don’t really post here much anymore, so I thought I’d give you all a nice little update on my life.

I started college here in Georgia at the unbelivably boring campus of Columbus State University. Before you ask, for gods sake no I didn’t move to Ohio. Why the hell would I move to Ohio? Steve lives there.

Anyway, due to an odd lack of guaranteed housing for freshman, or any class, I had to move into my own apartment. It’s ok, lonely and boring as it may be, it’s my house.

School goes ok. I’m no big fan of being a student, but its not that bad. Two to three classess a day, free fridays and a relative amount of virgin parties to go to.

(This is where I’ll explain what a virgin party is)

As someone who has lived in the wonderful city of Atlanta all my life, I have been at the very center of the biggest hip hop upheavel in history. Right around the time I got into high school, southern rap (da dirrty dirrty) exploded onto the mainstream and local artists became a staple of modern hip hop. As a result, Atlanta has become one of the most happening cities in the country rivaling L.A. as a place where super stars literally roam the streets. I know where Usher lives, I’ve met Pastor Troy, Lil John and the Ying Yang Twins, watched Ludacris play basketball with Andre from Outkast, and been on cocaine runs to T.I.'s old trap house, I’ve lived the high life here in atlanta. As a result of this plethora of stardom, drugs have become a huge industry in Atlanta. Being a drug user and hanging out with drug addicts, I’ve become a veteran partier like none of you could possibly believe. I’ve rolled on exstacy, smoked pounds of pot, opium and chronic (a cocaine-marijuana collaboration), tripped on acid, and chilled out on painkillers powerful enough to knock a horse on its ass - plus more. I’ve been to rock concerts that would blow your mind, and been to rap concerts that would leave you a bloody mess. I’ve gotten crunk with the best, and now I’m in a town where tractors cut the grass on the sides of the road, where there’s one movie theater, all the strip clubs require you to be 21, one mall, and a bunch of college students who think doing a keg stand is big time.

To level with all you, I’m really, really bored. While I’ve never considered myself a drug addict, I’ve gotta tell you that life sober is pretty damned boring. I don’t know how some of you do it.

I guess I’ll also bring you all up to speed on my doings. I don’t post a lot anymore as I mentioned, and some of you have questioned me on whats been going on when I make my seldom appearences online or in the chat room.

I moved into my apartment a few weeks ago. It’s a pretty decent place about 10 minutes away from campus. The complex is pretty nice, featuring an all access and fully loaded gym, sauna, jacuzzi, two swimming pools and laundromats that couldn’t dry the sun if you had the quarters. I don’t really know anybody in the complex except for my neighbor who occasionally pipes in to tell me to turn down the music or something. The thing I miss the most about the hood is the lack of loud music. As a result of the boredom, I’ve made two trips home since classess started two weeks ago, the most recent of which played host to probably the dumbest and scarieist thing that has ever happened to me.

A little backstory is this; I have a girlfriend that I love very much who is moving to Boston to attend Northeastern University. I left for school before she did, and now she’s up in Atlanta going crazy without me, and I’m down here pining just as hard as she is. We’re very much in love with each other, and as many of you probably know me as a cold hearted, in your face, ripping someone to shreds Sorcerer, this is probably difficult to comprehend, but just level with me and go with it - I love this girl and we’re now seperated.

Anyway, so like I said, I’ve made a few trips back home. The most recent of which will probably be the last for a few weeks, as my girlfriend leaves for school next saturday, and I’ll try to stay as far away as I can. But this past weekend was a Papa Roach, Unwritten Law and 311 concert. I like Papa Roach, never heard of Unwritten Law and 311 really is just kind of ok, but it was a prime opportunity for all of us to be together one last time and have a great going out lets-get-fucked-up-and-see-a-show kind of situation, so we did it. We all bought tickets, and got drugs and went to party like we always do. Except for me, this time was different, this time, things didn’t really go my way. Out of the group I’m probably the lesser of us all - I do the least drugs, I know my limit and pull out early, that sort of thing. I took three pills called Xanex, which is an anti-anxiety pill. Xanex come in three sizes - footballs (quarter of a bar), waffles (half a bar) and bars (two miligrams). I took three bars, 6 miligrams, and having taken two before I felt I would be just fine. I took them at the train station before we left for the ampitheatre, and thats when things get a little hazy.

When we got there, I somehow got into the show even after the ticket guy searched me and found my remaining pills. By this point, all I had done was smokeed some weed and taken these pills, and I was feeling the effects harshly. I was stumbling, I think, falling over people, and literally had to be supported on the way in. From there, it gets hazy, as much to my disdain, surprise and fear, I blacked out completely. I saw two songs of a concert I paid to see, and from then on, I remember eating pecans after the concert at my friends house and trying to light a hooka coal with a regular cigarette lighter. A mere three pills erased an entire evening from the time of roughly 9:30 PM to 11:00 AM the next day.

I’ve talked about my drug habits in public and private around here, and many of you know the extent of which my drug use goes. I have done more drugs and not blacked out, I’ve done fewer drugs and not even been affected. Besides the two instances I described above, I have no memory between the times I mentioned. None at all. I was told I that I had to carriedto the car, pulled up the stairs to my friends house, and monitered at all time.

Weird o.O

Anyway, classess started a few weeks ago and I’ve been doing alright. Gone to a few parties, met some people, and done my homework and all that. It’s weird, being in college, where it’s all your responsibility, but it’s also kind of refreshing knowing that it forces me to really do my work and take care of things like bills and such. I really like living alone, as it’s really given me time to concentrate on writing my book. I’ve made a few friends, and I went to this crazy foam party where we all got soap sudded up and got jiggy in a giant kiddy pool.

To comment on recent going ons, I heard Setz and his girlfriend broke up, I see that Infonick is all in a huff about not being cool enough to post in locked threads (sorry Nick, the Marines really isn’t where its at) Pope Hunting season still seems to be going quite strong, Merlin has reappeared, Zepp fermented his own alcohol, and Big Nutter still doesn’t make any god damned sense. I also talked to Eva on AIM the other night, and apparently I’m the coolest fucker here, which makes me feel all warm inside.

So, anyway, this was more about my apparent Overdose than my new apartment, but I just figured I’d post another really long story about my crazy antics, as I haven’t really done so in quite a long time (the last I remember is about my friend getting beaten up by his dad, which was like two years ago).

So whats been going on in the personal lives of the rest of you? Honestly, I’m just bored and sober, so fess up - whats goin on bitches?

ninjaeditrawr* I’d also like to give a WHATS UP to Merlin about the Braves being on top of the NL East and a serious SUP NIGGA about the Sox being up by what, 3 games or something, in the AL East.

A Not So Ninja Edit: I thought that the other Apartment thread was locked. My bad, lock this if you want, although I guess it really doesn’t have much to do with the actual apartment, as I don’t have my camera with me, but I do have my cell phone… I dunno, I’ll work that out later.

yeah man, the Braves went through hell and high water but they’re on top of the NL East again and I think they’re there to stay. The Red Sox need to get their head straight but they should be ok if Schilling/Foulke actually get healthy.

As for your life goings-on, that’s cool to know you’re at school and stuff. College life is an interesting one. I thought though that you mentioned once that you weren’t going to be doing drugs or something anymore? Or am I completley misremembering some other long thread you wrote once?

Every year the Braves are predicted to finally lose the NL East, and every year they win it (making it one of the greatest team sport streaks in history, IMO). As Kaiser said, don’t count the Braves out until they actually lose it. We’ll still go down in the first round of the playoffs though. :stuck_out_tongue:


This year I really think the Bravos have a real shot at winning it. I just hope the rookie talent doesn’t choke in the post season. But I think it’ll be exhilirating enough that they’ll carry themselves through it.

Merlin: Yeah, I quit for a long time. I quit doing drugs for a good 8 months or so. I smoke weed regularly, but that’s the only drug I do on a regular basis at all. The pills, are an occasional deal.

Drugs are bad, mmkay?

But seriously… poppin’ Xanax at a Papa Roach concert? Man, you’ve sunk to new lows. :ah-ha!:

as for my personal life, this week is my last week at work, because I’ll be going back to college and I don’t want to work while going to college, atleast not with this job! it’s KFC btw. Hmm jammed with friends, smoked some pot, went to a lot of metal shows (I’m seeing Megadeth for the second time next week, and Anthrax for the first! at Gigantour), and hanged out with my girlfriend on my off days. Or her off days. uh I don’t really know at this point now!

anyways, this isn’t a thread about me, so… good luck with the college, dude!

Yo why does eva have your aim and I don’t? Get it over or else there’s gonna be wub-wub-whoopin’~! ;D
Anyway, dayum. Good to know you’re still alive and stuff. I bet you didn’t miss much on that concert, their new album kinda sucks anyway imo.

I’ve heard of people blacking out on Xanex before. Its stronger than a lot of people give it credit for. I’d stick to the booze and the weed.

As for the Red Sox, hell yeah. The pitching is still shaky (especially since David Wells just got suspended for six games), but it has been shaky for the past two months and we’re still in first place. The Yanks are starting to catch up though. We have an important series coming up with them next week. Keith Foulke is making another appearance in AAA Pawtucket today I think. And I wouldn’t be surprised if we see him closing games as soon as this weekend. Shilling, I don’t know what his deal is. I think he’s just too old. I hope he gets better. So, go Sox!

Hey, I happen to like Papa Roach, but 311 really isn’t my kinda gig.

My AIM is SuperZero91121, and it hasn’t changed in like, 5 years. So drop me a line DT.

I’m shocked by the amount of drugs you did, and still do Sorc. Fuck, even the guys that I knew did drugs didn’t do that much.

Honestly, thats not all that rediculous.

I know some people that were way more hardcore than that. Well, I knew some people. A couple of them are dead now.

You sound like a druggy too if you don’t think that is a lot, sure some people may have done more, but that doesn’t make what Sorc did any less. Like Sony has a lot of money, but compared to MS, it’s money isn’t really that much. However, MS’s money doesn’t make Sony poor or just an average company.

No, I wouldn’t call myself a druggy, but I’ve been around.

There are different levels of drug use, and I don’t think Sorc’s is all that bad, at least not now. Granted it may be a lot more than the average person, but it gets way worse than that. I didn’t see him mention meth, crack, heroin, or other really nasty things.

All I’m saying is there is a huge difference between the guy who uses drugs to party, and the guy who uses drugs to get through the day.

And I hope it stays that way. Meth… ugh! I’ve seen what it does to people.

I did mention Opium, which comes from the same family as heroin. But that’s kind of like hamburger meat and cheesburgers - cheesburgers aren’t just hamburger meat, but then again hamburger meat isn’t a cheeseburger. Opium isn’t heroin, but its in it.

Anyway, yeah, I’ve done a lot of drugs, but compared to others, I’m still a rookie. I’ve never snorted cocaine, smoked crack, shot heroin or anything like that (I’ve seen people do all of the above though), so no, I’m not a real hardcore drug addict. Im not even an addict, although certain lines from my previous post (“I don’t know how you sober people do it”), make me sound that way, I’m not a drug addict. I don’t need drugs to have fun, and I don’t need drugs to stay sane. Drugs, to me, are a fun little thing I do, but they don’t conquer my whole life like they do some other peoples. You can be shocked and appalled, but don’t make the misconception that I’m an addict, because I’m not.

Yeah, thats all I was trying to say Sorc.

I’ve known real druggies, and like I said earlier, most of them are dead now. The real hardcore people don’t go to concerts to do their drugs.

Luckily for me, I seperated myself from all the people I knew were bad news. Now there are only a couple left, and I could care less if they kill themselves with drugs like the others.

I stick to the alcohol and weed, thats the extent of my drug use. Beers and blunts.

And Ironically, this is post 420 for me. EDIT: Or it should be. I seem to be stuck at 419. Got a minute?

I don’t know, it still sounds like you are a bit of an addict. You sort of sound like an alcoholic. They say that they don’t have a problem/need it/can quit anytime/etc., but just because they say it, it doesn’t make it so. Conversely, just because I/we say it doesn’t make it so either.

Evil Dave, I get what you are saying in your last line, but Sorc’s use seems to be more than just parties. Also, considering you do some drugs, you don’t quite seem to be the best to judge on if he has a problem.

drops it like it’s hot

Sorcerer, how you doing?

The book that you are writing and your recreational use of psychotropic substances make a fascinating mix. I know that the drugs are playing a certain role in your storyline. But, do drugs help you in your creative process? In other words, do you get, or have to get high to catch your Muse?

Ah, I can always count on you for an entertaining message! :smiley:
I’m sorry that it’s kinda boring for you and that you’re away from your girlfriend, but I’m also pleased for your newfound independence and responsibility. I always thought it felt good to be taking care of myself and my business rather than someone else handling it for me.

Your comment about the strip club surprises me - they don’t allow the underage ones to come in and wear neon pink t-shirts? I thought that was a staple!

I’m not really a baseball fan, so I can’t say much about that, but how is your book coming? I’m excited to know.

Don’t bother trying Info.