The Quantum Sleeper

It’s only paranoia when they’re NOT out to get you

But I think that’s a wee bit overkill there…

Well… at least you can be FAIRLY sure that your kid won’t walk in on you having sex with this, I guess…

Yea, but you’d bang your head on the top of it more than you ‘bang’ your partner. >>;;

I dunno, i’d buy it just for the built in fridge and microwave. :smiley: Now you dont have to leave your bed when you need a midnight snack! :DD

Forget the so called safety crap, I want a bed with a built in tv, dvd player, fridge and microwave. Talk about the ultimate advancement in laziness.

The Quantum Sleeper. Makes you proof to anything.

Except fire. The thing’s made of wood.

That’s what they want you to think. But this kinda reminds me of that episode of the Dilbert cartoon with Bob Bastard, where he kept destroying the Gruntmaster 6000 with tests like “Armageddeon” earthquakes, or 8001 degrees, etc.

If it’s made of wood then its claim that it’s got “bulletproof ‘Saferoom’ protection” is false. Unless it’s 20-inch thick wood.

doubles as a coffin and is protected against vampire hunters

Heh. Cuuuute.

Misclicked, forget this post ever happened.