We all knew it would have certain problems because of its features. Now we see why the GBA is very competitive…

starts making out with Sin

PSP is going to be a beast. Its going to be heavy because it needs a motor to spin the disk, and its going to eat batteries real fast too, because it needs to power the screen, the controls, and the motor for the disk.

I’ll just stick to my GP32, which is just as good as a PSP because it can run emulators and play mp3’s. 8D

It was obvious from the start that PSP had to be released at £200 or less… the absolute nightmare that the N-Gage had when it was released shows that handheld systems have to be competitively priced, or people just aren’t going to bother. :noway: And as for batter consumption, I hope Sony face facts and release some official accessories along the lines of AC adaptors and power packs upon its release.

I doubt it will fare very well.
Not only will it face competition from the Gameboy Advance and the N-Gage, but it is even likely to face competition from GameCubes and PlayStations with attached screens and portable batteries. They would have just about the same price.