The Price Is Wrong, Bitch

On June 15th, the final episode of The Price Is Right hosted by Bob Barker will air. We lose a piece of Americana. :frowning:

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I’m so sad that they’re cancelling The Price is Right. Though, it’s been on the air since the 60’s, I’m still going to miss it. :frowning:

35 years? Good golly!

That said, a 14 years soap opera (and its sibling) quit a year ago and Greece survived. Hope you have the same luck.

This sort-of shit happens all the time. And if you do get withdrawl symptoms, you can still play the British version online if you get desperate.



That 1$ is crap ><. Bob was freaking out when that one chick won the car.

I loved this-

They’re not cancelling it. Bob Barker is retiring. They’re looking for a new host.

They’re not. The Barkernator’s retiring. Though they might as well.

As resident gameshow nerd in Sat’s absence, I just have to say that Bob will be sorely missed and as the the articles mentions, he will be close to impossible to replace.

I give the PIR 6 months before it’s canceled. :frowning:

I remember watching him as a kid. But oh well, lets bring in a hot female host!

Why bring in a hot female host? We already have Barker’s Beauties.

Ha! That’s hilarious! Bob Barker’s Amazing, and at the end of the day, he can still beat up Adam Sandler with no problems.

Well, someone listened to you. They are considering a hot female host…named Rosie.

Originally Posted by The 984
They’re not cancelling it. Bob Barker is retiring. They’re looking for a new host.

I am aware of this, but it might as well mean the same thing.

Edit: I now realize that I seemed to have been beaten to the punch on my point.

I hope you’re kidding about that hot part.

Nope, there was actually a story on it a couple of days ago. Bark and her are apparently good friends he suggested her.

Sure, didn’t you see her on Nip/Tuck?

(pic mildly racy but probably work-safe)

I have to say, The Price is Right is probably my least favorite game show ever.

That 403 Forbidden is probably for the best.