The Power Rangers Drinking Game

heres something for all those who couldn’t stand the series and had to resort to drinking to make it entertaining.

:moogle: Yay another reason for me to drink!

Is that show even on TV anymore?

yes they do actaully. the new season sucks so much that abc family has resorted to showing episodes from the old shows. sad really.

That page will ruin many lives.

Shame you have to be a drinker.

I’m sure it is just as good with apple juice…


Don’t you dare defile the Power Rangers in such a fashion.

The old ones, at least.

WARNING: the binge drinking required to play this game through in its entirety will result in loss of liver, death and other things. For a full list of ways Power Rangers can be dangerous to your health, call the Surgeon General.

If I drank… I’d be all over that.

Not really.

Actually, there are like 4 different Power Rangers shows on TV at the moment. They all scare me…

You know nothing of drinking games until you’ve played the McGyver drinking game. Now THERE’s a show that can literally kick the socks off your feet.

Seriously… Drinking is its own game.

Rules Plz.

:moogle: OMG Yuu Taking noobish! LOL U Sukzor.

Shame it’ll have you wake up with a pounding headache in the nearest mental asylum all dressed up in spandex.

The first series was a bit weird in a couple of aspects, but it was much less corny than others that followed.