The plot against Spice Girls

So, the Spice Girls (whose name has become a misnomer by the way) have promised to visit whichever city gets voted most on their site in their world tour. Sites have been urging people to vote for Baghdad, which according to an El Pais (es) article is the first choice in the poll. Furthermore they (or their managers) have agreed to play there!

We gather a) People really can’t stand the Spice Girls b) Managers think only a real ruckus can raise their sales nowadays.

Personally, I think that is far too cruel on the Iraqis.

AAAAH! OMG! I want them to come to San Francisco or somewhere in the bay area! I love theeeem!

I like to listen to the Spice Girls while reading Samuel Beckettttttt.

If they go there and play Rock the Casbah, I shall weep bitterly. :too bad:

Electric camel drum, mmm.

Rock the Casbah’s already up there as one of the most misused songs in history, with Born in the USA and Little Pink Houses.

I’m sure Springsteen every now and then begins jumping up and down frantically, screaming “I wrote Born in the USA! Woo! Woo! Worship me radios, you can’t resist!”.

Heh, I remember someone saying ‘I don’t want to hear about no stinking USA’ when the song played and I told him he seriously needed to listen to what the fuck the guy was singing besides the oh-so-aggravating refrain.

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I thought his career rose and fall around the release of “Born to Run.” It’ sjust me.

But I’m definately telling people about the whole Baghdad thing.

I used to be a big fan of the Spice Girls too. I was a little sad they aren’t going to play near me. I mean I wanted to see them, really really wanted to see them.

I would go to a Spice Girls concert…but my genitals and a razorblade have an appointment first

Pain Olympics?


Crotanks: If there were such a thing…there isn’t is there?

Arac: It seems someone has an odd fetish.

Hey, I almost forgot about them. :open_mouth:

Laughing at others?

Sorry for reminding you, Kex.

I have to admit that I love Spice Girls, in fact, there was a time that I was heavily, and almost exclusively into all girl bands. You should have seen my music library then – from Spice Girls and Destiny’s Child going back the Go Gos, Bananarama, and the Bangles. But now that my musical taste has evolved somewhat, I prefer more “sophisticated” material to satisfy my sensual cravings.
Something like Via Gra
Ok, I don’t really listen to the sexy trio, I just watch their performance – and it’s almost like visiting some strip joint in St. Petersburg (Leningrad), or maybe the one in Brighton Beach (New York)

Hah, sensual cravings! Didn’t know you have such an intimate connection to music, Seifer :wink: Nice harmonics these legs got.