The Planewalkers War

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Prologue: The Great Catastrophe

In a remote universe, thousands of years ago, the world of Thezaria thrived, thanks to the power of Mana that pulsed within its core. The Mana streams allowed life to develop and shaped a wondorous land, which seemed the work of a higher entity. In time, the inhabitants of that world started studying that power, and so the first Wizards appeared. With their wisdom, they tapped into the power of Mana and created incredible devices that greatly benefited their civilization.
Great kingdoms were formed, aided by the powers the Wizards were mastering. The Wizards grew wise and powerful, developing their abilities to shape the raw power of Mana, creating overwhelming spells.
But then came a time when some of the Wizards attempted to use the gift of Mana for their own ends. They started summoning ancient and insanely powerful beasts that had been dormant in Thezaria for ages. Dragons, Golems, undead armies and abominations of all sorts rose and put the whole world to the flame. The malignant Wizards started spreading chaos and devastation, launching merciless and random attacks from their secluded domains. Empowered by black, red and blue mana, which were connected to the forces of death, destruction and deceit, they seemed unstoppable.
One day, many warriors gathered at the only kingdom still standing, Anzulia, and formed an army to put an end to the senseless destruction. The noblest of all Knights and Paladins led the charge, empowered by the purity of white mana. They faced the undead legions, while the other warriors fended off the other beasts.
After months of difficult battles, they ventured deep into the Wizards’ territories, where they had to face colossal Dragons and Mana Beasts, creatures spawned from the raw essence of Mana. Routed, battered and exausthed, the army was almost wiped out, but without warning, the wise and powerful Druids intervened, saving the warriors from a grim fate.
The Druids, sickened by the way the power of Mana was being abused, tapped into the energies of the forests and transformed into powerful beasts, while the Elves rallied their forces to aid them in the coming battle. All the remaining humans and Elves rose against the Wizards.
This new army marched deeper into the Wizards’ lairs, facing Orcs, Trolls, Goblins and Revenants, summoned by their insane enemies. After dealing with these savage foes, that had ravaged the land countless times, they finally reached the lair of the most powerful of the mad Wizards. The Wizards gathered and created an apocalyptic Mana Elemental, in an attempt to destroy them all.
After a long battle, the ground rumbled and the sky turned black.
Five beams of Mana rose from the ground and struck the beast. The battle had awakened the five Master Mages, the first and most powerful Wizards of that world. They looked upon the devastation and turned their rage on their derranged apprentices, which responded with all their power. The unspeakable Mana clash changed Thezaria forever.
Enormous landmasses were ripped from the surface, the oceans boiled, forming a huge layer of clouds and the weather went out of control. This fragile world was turned into a chaotic group of floating continents, with the ancient core shining from below, keeping them airborne with the power of Mana. Millions of creatures perished in this disaster, the evil Wizards were vanquished and the Master Mages vanished.
The brave warriors that survived the carnage were separated when the continents took off. The Druids swore to do everything in their power to heal the land and secluded themselves in the forests.
An eternity passed and the land healed, although it was never the same again. New kingdoms rose, founded by the warriors. In time, the power of Mana was once again called upon, by a new generation of Wizards. More balanced than their predecessors, they connected the floating continents through a series of magical portals and started working to improve the life in the new world. The Elves, mostly secluded in the forests, were still suspicious them, as the Paladins and Druids were.
After a few centuries, the old grudges were almost gone, although they were still raging in many hearts.
This world knew a long era of peace and prosperity, only disturbed by ocasional clashes with Orcs, Trolls and Goblins.
The first Magic Academy was founded, and young benevolent Wizards soon became a common sight. However, a new threat was about to arise, a threat that sought to consume that which kept this scarred world alive…

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In the western continent, Tehlur, in the kingdom of Mistrag, three girls were at a small inn, sitting at a table in a quiet corner. The three had an unusual beauty and looked somehow displaced, as if they had come from distant lands. The first one had raven-black hair and green eyes and was wearing a red ninja outfit and carrying a Japanese sword. The second one had pink hair and pointy ears, which clearly showed she was a half-elf, and was wearing a white cloak and carrying a broom. The third one had purple hair and slightly pointy ears and was wearing a tight blue suit and carrying a twisted wooden staff that radiated a strange power.
The three were keeping their voices low, making sure nobody would listen to their discussion, for they had traveled to this distant land to accomplish a mission of great importance.
The first girl was Sakura Murasame, the last warrior of her clan, protegée of Hikarukhan, the Eternal Dragon and guardian of her family’s legendary blade. The second one was Arche Klaine, one of the most powerful spellcasters of Phantasia and a slightly hot-tempered witch with a taste for action. The third one was
Angela, the princess of Altena, a brilliant and sharp-tongued Grand Devina from the World of Mana.

Sakura spoke in her usual determined voice.
“So… We’re finally here. Thezaria.”

Angela looked around and made a small comment.
“This place doesn’t look that different, apart from the flying continent stuff.”

Arche grabbed a small crystal from her pocket and it shimmered, projecting a map of the continent.
“Well, let’s get busy!”, she said with enthusiasm.

Sakura looked at the map and pointed at the Magic Academy.
“Well, if our friend asked us to come all the way here, then he must have strong reasons to suspect that something is wrong. We agreed to wait for him at the Academy, so I think we should get going and take the time to gather some information.”

Angela smiled.
“And maybe we can get some practice too! It’s been a while since our last battle.”, she said as she grabbed the Ganvathein.

The other two nodded. They were looking forward for some action after the long rest they had enjoyed in the last few months. Arche yawned and streched her arms. Angela took the chance and poked her belly, making her bend forward.

Arche made an evil grin and started tickling her. Sakura just watched on for a while, as Angela dropped the Ganvathein and tickled her back.

“Erm… girls…”
She was a bit embarassed at the way they were making a ruckus.
“Girls, we’re supposed to be discreet about this…”

The two stopped and looked at her.
“Well, that was fun!”, Arche said.

“Too bad the others aren’t here…” Angela added.

Sakura sighed.
“Look, I like craziness as much as the next person, but remember, this is a distant land and we can’t waste our time like this. We have to find out what’s going on at the Academy and how it threatens Mana.” she said with a worried tone.
The other two got up and followed her outside, where they headed towards the shortest path to the Academy.

Sakura saw how worried they seemed as well, so she tried to lighten things up a bit.
“Don’t worry. After all, with some luck, we’ll handle this in no time, and then we can do another of those water fights you like so much!”

Arche smiled.
“Too bad Cless and Chester were delayed. Things are a bit boring without them around.” she said in an unmistakably naughty tone.

Angela took a deep breath, enjoying the fresh air outside.
“Just look at this place… It’s amazing!”

Sakura agreed.
“The sheer power of Mana keeps the continents floating in the air and allows life to continue its cycle.” she said, clearly fascinated.

Angela remembered how her world had suffered after the Mana Tree’s demise.
“Let’s hope nothing wrong happens to Mana in this world.”

Arche closed her eyes for a bit.
“Hmmmm… I wonder what the others could be doing. They’re missing all this.”

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I think we all know what its like on Thezaria. But good way to describe it.

The three were surprised by the amazing landscape. Even though the continents were high in the middle of the clouds, the only visible difference was the great view they had from their edges. After the great disaster, a great portion of the rainfall was kept in the air by the sheer force of Mana, forming enormous spinning orbs. The planet’s core struggled to maintain a certain balance, as if it was a living conscious entity. Nothing could ever fall off the edge of the continents, for Mana had reversed gravity around them.
They looked around and found the place strangely familiar. Wooden cottages, inns and shops were carefully placed next to a wide road, leading to a massive white marble castle. The road’s many branches spread all over the city, forming a strangely regular pattern, unusual in medieval construction. As they walked by the city walls, they noticed a number of warriors on duty, wearing white armors marked with an orange bird, a Phoenix, no doubt. They were carrying long spears and swords as they watched over the city and the outside.

“Now this is a nice-looking place! Too bad we don’t have the time to take a look around.”, Arche said.

“Well” Sakura replied “Maybe we can take some time off after we’ve dealt with this task. After all, I don’t think we’ll be hearing from the Burning Legion for a long, long time.”

They proceeded through the gates and the guards didn’t bother asking any questions. Thezaria had been in peace for centuries, and they thought it would stay like that forever. The girls seemed harmless in their eyes.
As they left the city, following the road to the Academy, they noticed how the trees around it seemed to have been carefully grown, with otherworldly precision.

Sakura smiled.
“Apparently, someone around here has a taste for gardening.” she said as she admired a few unusual orange flowers that bloomed in the shade of the trees.
The journey was peaceful and allowed them to gaze upon several odd plants and a few golden birds, the size of parrots, that were flying around with all the time in the world.

A few minutes later, they reached their destination, a large marble building, with obelisks of several colors standing by the great archway at the entrance.
As soon as they approached, they saw two men in blue tunics, engaged in an important discussion, judging by the look on their faces. One of them had blue eyes, white hair and a beard of the same color. Despite his apparent age, he moved around with the vigor of youth. The other one, around seventeen, had blue eyes and short brown hair. Both of them were tall, but the older wizard slightly surpassed the younger one.
As their discussion continued, they summoned a few tomes and started going through them.

Sakura looked at the scene.
“Hmmmmm… Those two seem very concerned about something. Maybe they know what’s going on.”

“Well, we have to start somewhere.”, Arche replied.

As they approached, they heard part of the discussion.

“It’s no mere coincidence… The bizarre weather patterns in the south, the gravitational disturbances… Something is happening to the core!” The older wizard seemed to fear the worst.

“Master, let’s not jump to conclusions. This may be something temporary, a mere adjustment in the Mana streams.”, the apprentice said, clearly doubting his own optimism.

The older wizard paused for a moment, before speaking again.
“I wish it was just that… I really do. But… Well, the others don’t know of this yet, but it appears that some of the portals that connect the continents have been malfunctioning lately. A few days ago, I received a report from one of our bretheren, in the north. It seems that a villager attempted to use one of the portals and found himself in a strange world, inhabited by tall and thin creatures with glowing eyes, wearing golden armors and wielding blades of light.”

The apprentice’s eyes widened.
“You mean… you mean the portals are establishing connections to other worlds?!”

“Precisely! And who knows what manner of creatures may use those distortions to reach this land…”

Just as the wizard finished his sentence, a swirling blue energy orb appeared above the Academy with a zapping sound. It soon became bigger than the Academy itself, before glowing white and taking a strange shape, long and wide.
The wizards were very agitated. The old master looked at the strange energy formation and his eyes caught fire.
“A… a portal… no, it looks like something else…”

Sakura looked as well and she recognized the strange form.
“No… a warp rift.”

Indeed, instead of opening a portal, someone or something seemed to be forcing itself in, collapsing the path it left behind as it moved between dimensions.

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A strange flying machine appeared through the rift. It was large, and it looked a lot like something from one of Leonardo Da Vinci’s drawings. It had the structure of an ancient ship, made of dark brown wood, and odd metal wings that looked like brown dorsal fins. A figure was standing at the front, wearing a red armor and carying a long oak staff with three metal claws at the top end.
Everyone below just stared at it, wondering where it could have come from. A few moments later, Arche broke the silence and said exactly the same thing everyone else is thinking.
“What the hell is that?!”

The strange airship descended and the red-armored figure looked around and speoke with a strange voice, searing and rumbling, like an enormous wildfire.
“So… This is Thezaria… It doesn’t look all that impressive.”
It then looked at the Academy.
“So, there are Wizards here… A minor setback…”

Its hand glowed and a huge fireball burst from it and struck the Academy, engulfing it in flames.

Arche grabbed her broom and flew towards the airship, completely outraged.
“Hey! Who the hell do you think you are?!”

The figure turned and saw her.
“Hahahahahahaha… And who might you be, little one?”

Some of the wizards were desperately trying to put the fire out, while the others gathered. The old wizard spoke.
“Are we going to let some outsider just waltz in here and do this to our ancient Academy?!” The others answered in unison.
“Hell no!”

The old wizard stared angrily at the airship.
“You’ll pay for this, whoever you are! On my mark…”

The wizards started gathering their power.
“Let him have it!”
Hundreds of fireballs, lightning bolts, water jets and ice spikes darted towards the airship.

Arche looked at the scene.
“Hey, save some of the fun for me!”
She then cast Meteor Storm, materializing colossal chunks of space rocks all around the airship and hurling them towards it. The red-armored figure just stood still for a few seconds, before reaching for a red orb that was hanging from a chain around its neck. The orb started glowing and a monstrous fire wave engulfed the stream of spells and dashed towards the wizards.
“Save your strength, fools. You might as well run for your lives.”

Arche barely dodged the fire wave and she saw the wizards below, trying to take cover. Angela tried to weaken it with a series of freezing spells, and she managed to undo it when it was about to hit them. She then turned to the airship and waved the Ganvathein in a threatening pose.
“I don’t know who you are, but you’re in for a real beating, you beast!”

Sakura decided she had seen enough. She drew her blade and made a huge leap, landing right on the armored figure’s head. She then bounced off and pointed the legendary sword at its throat.
“You’ll pay for this! I’ve had it with you random ultimate villain wannabes and your senseless destruction!”

Her eyes were glowing red. The figure simply laughed and answered in a mocking tone.
“Oooh… We have a brave girl here, then! I’ll be sure to end this quickly.”

The blade seemed to become electrified through her fury.
“Shut up! Your party is over!” she said with a furious resolve.

The figure replied.
“On the contrary, it’s just beginning. These peasants shall know true power. As for you…”

Before she could do anything, a torrent of flames burst from the orb, knocking her flying out of the airship. She rolled and bounced against a tree, breaking the fall. The airship then flew away, while Arche and Angela were busy trying to help the others. Sakura stared at it.
“Very well, you coward, run… If it wasn’t for the people that could get hurt here, I would end this right now.”

She then joined the others and started looking after the injured Wizards. Angela managed to put the fire out, but most of the building was ruined.


Chapter 1 - The Invasion Begins

Arche looked at the blackened ruins and saw how the fire had consumed thousands of years of knowledge, research and wisdom. The ancient building now appeared humble and on the brink of collapse, a husk of the glory it had showed just instants before.
Several wizards were lying on the ground, and although most of them were miraculously uninjured, the old master they had seen so bravely leading the defense was now in a terrible state. His tunic was covered in ash, his beard and hair had been scorched by the flames. With the last of his strength, he tried to get up, with his soul filled with despair and his heart broken by the horrible scene he had witnessed. Sakura rushed to his side.

“Allow me to be of assistance, Wise One.”
She carefully helped him get back on his feet and then reached for a small pouch that was hanging from her belt. He grabbed a small vial, filled with a colorless liquid, and gave it to the wounded Wizard.
“Drink this… It will help you recover your strength.”

The old man looked at her eyes. He was a bit suspicious of the three strangers, but he was grateful. They had fought bravely to protect the Academy, and he felt they could be trusted. He weakly grabbed the vial and drank the liquid inside. A comforting warmth filled his heart, and he felt better, although exausthed. He looked at Sakura with a sad glitter in his tired eyes and addressed her in a voice that showed how devastated his spirit was.
“Everything… centuries of hard work… Everything is gone… This place was everything to me… I dedicated my life to the pursuit of wisdom… and now…”

She tried to comfort him with a soothing tone.
“Worry not, Wise One… We will find who did this… and why. While you live, you can always look for a new beginning. You can always recover what was lost.”
The tired old man looked at her and saw a strange force within. Her words were reassuring, and he felt a tiny flicker of hope.

Angela and Arche pulled out a few medical supplies from their backpacks and tried to treat the other Wizards. Being very far from the sweet harmless girls they seemed to be, they started making very angry faces and planning a very painful death for the strange figure that had caused the devastation.

“I’ll whack him where it hurts, freeze his guts and blow him up!” Angela said, opening a bottle of healing potion.

“That’s nothing compared to what he deserves! I say we smash him with a good old Meteor Storm and have Chameleon devour him!” Arche replied, while tightening a bandage around a wizard’s arm.

Then, the sky got darker, a thunderclap was heard, and rain droplets started falling over them. Arche looked at the clouds.
“This looks bad. Getting soaked won’t help them recover.” she said.

“We should take them to the city. They’ll be safe there. I just wish the others were here. They would have kicked that bastard’s butt all the way into the Ethereal Void!” Angela replied.

Suddenly, they heard the noise of horses running on the road. In a few moments, they found themselves surrounded by a group of knights, wearing the same kind of armor they had seen at the city gates. Their leader dismounted and looked at the devastation.
“By Azalghar… What happened here?”

The old wizard walked to him, helped by Sakura, and explained.
“A Planewalker… set the Academy on fire.”

The knights looked at him, stunned by what they had just heard.
“A Planewalker? A dweller from another world?!” the leader asked, with his eyes wide open. The old Wizard’s answer was chilling.

“Indeed. We know that by mastering the power of Mana, it is possible to open paths to other realms. Until now, many thought that it was a mere rumor, but… the ancient Master Mages left many notes behind. According to them, such a thing is possible and feasible, as long as there is enough Mana to cast the appropriate spell…”

The knight was shocked.
“But that means… That means that our world is in danger… With that kind of power, who knows what those outsiders will do to the land?”

Sakura looked at the other two girls.
“Maybe this is why our good friend asked us to come all the way here… To stop this.”

Angela grabbed the Ganvathein.
“I just don’t get it… How did he know…?” she replied.

Arche started thinking.
“Well… he is a bit unusual, but then again, so are we. Hehehe! Well, the best thing we can do now is contact him and try to find out more about that pyromaniac while we wait for the others.”

The knights looked at the three and their leader spoke after a few seconds.
“And what brings you here? You certainly don’t seem to be from this kingdom.”

Sakura immediately understood where the conversation was going, and she decided to answer.
“We are travelers, working with the representatives of a higer authority to investigate a few strange events. Now, we plan to find out who that Planewalker is and what he is up to.”

The knight looked at her.
“A higher authority…? You mean His Highness?” he asked.

“No, higher than that.” she replied.

After a few seconds of hesitation, he spoke again.
“Well, you do seem to be better prepared to deal with this situation, so I’ll let you handle it. However, if there’s anything we can do, let us know.” he said with a determined tone.

He then turned to the old wizard.
“Master, this rain will do you no good. Please, give us the honor of having you as guests until we can rebuild the Academy.”

The old man hesitated.
“Well… I guess there is little we can do here. Good luck in finding our assailant, girls.”

He then grinned with a bit of anger.
“And when you do, let us know, so we can make him pay.”

The group left, while the three stared at the desolation. Angela broke the silence after a few minutes.
“I don’t get it… why would someone from another world just barge in, set a Wizards’ Academy on fire and dash off? This doesn’t make much sense…”

Arche raised her broom.
“He called them ‘a minor nuisance’… Maybe he’s up to something big, and the wizards could get in the way… Dhaos had his own plans for Mana, and anyone who could use magic would be a target.” she said.

Sakura looked at her blade.
“That is the only explanation for now… Well, we seem to have found the cause of our friend’s concern. Now, we should call the others.”
She looked at her left wrist and uncovered a high-tech communicator with a holographic projector.
“Thank God they made it waterproof!” she said.

“Well, just in case…” Angela replied, before raising the Ganvathein. A small magical barrier appeared above them, shielding them from the rain.
“If those things get damaged, then we’ll have to go back on our own.”

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A 3D hologram appeared from the projector. It was a white-armored robot, with green eyes. It seemed anxious to hear what was going on, and spoke with a strangely human voice.
“Sakura… I was beginning to worry about your safety. What happened there? We detected a dimensional disturbance and a large Mana fluctuation.”

Sakura took a deep breath and answered.
“We have problems here, Aeon. A Planewalker barged in, torched the local Magic Academy, injured several Wizards and set off somewhere.”

The robot listened carefully and spoke after a few moments.
“This doesn’t look good… We’ve picked up the energy signatures of at least two other warp rifts in the vicinity of Thezaria.”

Sakura had a bad feeling about this.
“You mean… there could be more where that maniac came from? But… what could they be after?”

The image in the projector changed, showing an enormous computer. Aeon’s face appeared on the screen, followed by several maps and charts.
“As you can see here, Thezaria’s very existence is only possible due to the enormous amounts of Mana in its core. Now, over the last few months, several strange fluctuations have been detected, meaning that either someone is diverting a large amount of Mana for unknown purposes… or something even worse.”

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Meanwhile, in an unknown place, two figures were standing around a large holographic projector in a room plated with a strange warm white metal. Their forms were covered in light, hiding their faces. They seemed to be anxiously waiting for something in deep silence.
Then, suddenly, they felt an energy surge far away and they recognized the mana-induced rupture of the barrier between two realities.
The first figure spoke.
“People will never learn… Well, now it’s up to us to clean up that mess. And now, another disturbance? Damn! This can’t be good…”

Back to Thezaria, the girls were trying to absorb all the information Aeon was delivering them. As he prattled on, explaining everything he already knew and coming up with several disturbing theories, they couldn’t help imagine a succession of disasters, one after another. Their minds were filled with images of the continents crashing, the core exploding and many other disturbing events, until Arche decided to interrupt him.
“Say, don’t you think you may be exaggerating just a little bit?” she said in a slightly sarcastic innocent tone.
“Hmmm… Arche has a point here. Have you been overclocking your data processors, Aeon?” Sakura then added.
The robot stopped for a few moments, before speaking again.
“Oops… Well, I think I may be in a bit of a hype. I’ve been trying to beat all the records in every computer game at the same time.”
Their eyes widened, their jaws dropped and they stared at his holographic image.
“You’re crazy!” Arche said, before bursting into laughter.
The rain was slowly stopping.
Sakura was worried about their assignment and she decided to ask Aeon a few questions.
“So, what are we supposed to do now? I think we should try to follow that maniac’s trail. But what about the others? We may need some help on this one. After all, stopping him is one thing, but preventing him from destroying everything in his path will be more difficult.”
Aeon seemed to concentrate for a few seconds. Sakura saw that he seemed to be processing several transmissions at the same time. After a while, he finally answered.
“Very well… Procceed to the north along the road and look for the village of Stranghal. Elysium and Helga will be waiting there. The others will come as soon as possible.”
The rain stopped and the land was covered by warm sunlight. Tiny droplets still in the air started sparkling like countless gems, before falling on the ground. A flock of tiny birds flew above the girls, heading towards a distant mountain.
Sakura took a deep breath and looked at the birds for a while, before turning to the others.
“Well, I think we can get going now.”
“Let’s meet the others and kick that maniac’s butt back to wherever he came from!” Angela replied, swinging the Ganvathein.
They looked at the ruined Academy for the last time, before following the road to Stranghal. The strange Planewalker had incurred in their wrath and they intended to make him pay for torching the ancient building.
After walking for a few minutes, the three gazed upon a different landscape. The road was now going through large grass-covered plains. A small river was flowing from an underground spring, crossing the land and heading to the northwest. They could also see a small forest far to the south. The road kept going straight to the city, crossing a meadow and distant farmlands.
Arche looked at the distance they still had to walk and sighed.
“Can’t we fly a bit? At this rate, that maniac will be gone by the time we find the others.” she said in a slightly bored tone.
Sakura looked around and pondered their options for a while.
“Well… I don’t think that revealing our powers would be wise, but since nobody is looking…”
“Yay!” Arche started jumping and grabbed her broom.
Angela looked at the two.
“Hmmm… Should we use those anti gravity drives or just resort to a few spells?” she asked.
“Well, Arche can use her broom, I can use the Wind Walk… But I think we should save the other spells for later. We don’t know if we’re being wathced.” Sakura replied.
“Well then, I guess I’ll just try that Cyclone Warp… No, wait… it’s not discreet enough… Maybe… Oh, a little tailwind should do the trick.” Angela concluded.
“OK then, let’s go!” Arche said, with clear enthusiasm.
Angela prepared the spell.
“How about a little race, just to make things more exciting?” Angela suggested.
“You’re on!” Arche replied.
The three then got ready. Arche climbed to her broom, while Angela closed her eyes for a bit and Sakura took a deep breath.
Arche gave the starting sign.
“Ready? GO!”
In a split second, Sakura vanished, enveloped in wind, Angela dashed and turned into a purple blur and Arche took off at an insane speed. The three raced through the land, delighted with this opportunity to relax and get the mad Planewalker off their minds.

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