The pink! IT BURNS!

Wish (Music video, promo for a manga. There’s no anime.)

This is what I get for randomly downloading stuff to watch when I get home from school, to take my mind off things… brain melt. It’s too damn cute. Though the black angel as a grownup looks really dang cool. And there’s… uh, catgirls. I think. At least cats going POOF and turning into women.

Let me issue a challenge, though. I dare you to watch the guy’s face (frontal) in the last scene while the song still plays, while he looks at the gal - without starting to giggle. I have NEVER seen such a ridiculous face-shape. Like a carrot!

Guh. I’ve actually read ‘Wish’. It’s basically one huge excuse for cute animal-familiars and yaoi characters with wings. Again. :stuck_out_tongue:

CLAMP seem to go with what works. :stuck_out_tongue:

And I’ll see you your Wish and rase you a Singing Shoujo-Girls AMV. :stuck_out_tongue:

HYow do you watch it? -_-

i raise your shoujo girls with emrald nuts encouraging norwegians
go to the tv ads part and find encouaging norwegians


I got that last week, when I first saw it on animesuki. The Wish manga is great in itself.