"The Phantom" Info revealed

Well, well, well, looks like it MAY actually be released after all =)

Wonder if they will bring any good RPG’s to it heh

Anyone can make up stats. They still have yet to show us a real console. And there’s still the issue of the warehouse scandal that Penny Arcade pointed out.

Yeah, but one can hope cant we =)

Originally asked by everyone who wants some actual info on the damned thing
Hurry the hell up infinium!

I wonder how much that’ll cost. Its like 10 times faster than my home computer >_<

Meh…i doubt any rpgs will be made for it…from what i hear its going to be trageted to Jack-and-jane-videogame-player…so i think we will just see football and nascar games…

Also, the whole premise of this thing reminds me of SEGA channel…you know? the whole, download demos anfd full games at a fee? Did anyone else ever have SEGA channel? I did until my dad cancelled it…

I Vaguely remember it, however I stopped dealing with sega after the Sega CD. The only games worth a damn were Lunar 1/2, Vay and Dark Warrior =)

A console isn’t about specifications, a console is about having good games.
Have they leased any remotely good games at all?

Not that the lot of people won’t buy it simply because of the specifications, and them complain about the lack of games afterwards.

Until I get some actually evidence, that they are making this, I’m holding out my opinions.

But it would be cool if it did, since it does sound like a pretty good idea.

Those aren’t really specs, just components. A Nvidia graphics card, what card? Geforce x? A windows XP kernel, that means they have to pay royalties to MS. I still say B fucking S.

Uhh, I don’t think they’ve mentioned ANY games. At all.

Nice. Sounds like they are real professionals at how to not launch a game console.

As far as I see it, it’s a real PC in disguise.

This baby will even be able to play PC games. =P