The perfect X-Mas Gift

Nothing says you’re fat and stupid like… this.


There’s only one word to put this:


i got plenty of those at home

Fat and stupid people?

waaait a minute… no <_<

I should get that for my sisters.

Lol. Exercise for dummies? I don’t think I’d read that, but there is a LOT more to exercising than you guys think. :wink: You guys don’t know the half of it :slight_smile:

My dad has a copy of that (or was it Weight Training for Dummies?) and he’s a pretty serious workout person. There’s more to it than most people realize. Especially in the US, where people really aren’t educated properly about it.

EDIT: Oh, the guy above me posted something like that. Whoops.


Yeah, the dummies books are called dummies books more as a joke/catchphrase than as reallybeing designed for dummies, and I do believe that fitness is not a simple matter. I didn’t laugh.

You’re the only one here who’s stupid in assuming we don’t know the half of it.

If you go to a gym or look things up online you can pretty much find out how to start off working out. The book should be called, “Fitness For the Lazy”.


You know what book there needs to be?
Fitness for the undead. Seriously. Zombies need to learn to get in shape, and take better care of their bodies.

I agree with Eden on this one. It was wrong to assume we didn’t know that. Even if we do know that working out is complicated, the title of the book is funny, it’s insulting the person twice in one gift!

You’re the retard. I don’t mean to be offensive to anyone, but I gaurantee three quarters of the people here have no idea how to work effectively, and properly. I bet you don’t even know.

I’m not perfect, but I know what I’m doing. Good thing you didn’t bet something imporant, like your dignity. I’m sure noone will be offended by you Ramza, since there isn’t anyone left at RPGC who’s more retarded than you.

As for everyone else, I am pretty sure they are smart enough to find out how to workout the right way. If they don’t know how, they probably don’t work out.

Wow, faith in humanity. That’s a new one for me.


I have a hard time listening to any argument starting with an insult. Saying something akin to ‘Poopy-head’ doesn’t give the following much credence. That aside, you did not define ‘effectively’ or ‘properly’. In my mind, effectively is reaching your desired goal, i.e. losing weight or getting stronger. I would imagine most people could exorcise enough to do that, at least to some degree. As for properly, I would think this would simply be without causing injury to oneself, which I also imagine many here would know how to do or could learn without the aid of a full sized book. If you’re going to make an argument, make one, don’t just toss out meaningless terms and insult the person you’re arguing against.

Eden, insulting him back also wasn’t the best response. If we must debate this, can’t we at least do it in a mature way?

Oh I know insulting him back probably wasn’t the nicest or most productive thing to do, but honestly, I’ve delt with Ramza before in ‘debates’. They are all very circular.

That and I was wasn’t trying to be insulting, I honestly think there isn’t anyone at RPGC who is as differently abled as Ramza.


Uhhh…you realise this is rpgc…right? not to mention the fact that it’s an argument between Ramza and Eden :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m half tempted to make a joke about the word “Exorcise” in Aracs post, involving the undead in some fashion.
And Eden has faith in humanity!? Has Hell frozen ove…oh wait, there’s always been a giant lake of ice there, bad analogy there on my part. Carry on then.

::shrugs:: This is my second day on the forums. I don’t know everyone yet.

As for Eden, that’s fine. I just don’t really know people so thought I’d give that as general advice.