The Pants! They're evil...

Ok, you guys know that movie, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants? Well, me and some others in the chat were talking about the name, and we got the idea for the best movie EVER! Just check out these quotes from the chat log!

[16:11] Trillian: What is ‘Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants’?
[16:11] Trillian: Sounds like a chick flick
[16:11] Ezboarder: It is.
[16:11] Ezboarder: Oh lordo, it is.
[16:11] Trillian: ew.
[16:12] :Him|THEREISNOMOON: Sounds more like a movie about a little girl with family issues and she finds a sentient pair of pants to be friends with.
[16:12] Trillian: lol
[16:12] YP: that’d make a good movie.
[16:13] YP: especially if the pants were possessed by an ancient malevolent spirit, and tried to kill the rest of the girl’s family.
[16:14] Him|THEREISNOMOON: Anyway, yeah, that’d be awesome YP.
[16:15] Him|THEREISNOMOON: The girl would hate her family and want them dead too and there’d me some sort of detective trying to save her from evil and he adopts her at the end after her family dies via uber devil pants power.
[16:16] YP: YEAH
[16:16] Him|THEREISNOMOON: Actually the movie might be about as much or more about the detective.
[16:16] YP: and the pants are killed when the house burns down at the end, but then WAIT! Something emerges from the rubble… IT’S A TATTERED PAIR OF PANTS!
[16:16] YP: and then the movie ends
[16:17] Him|THEREISNOMOON: With creepy music playing.

There’s also discussion of a sequel, although we don’t even have a title for the first one yet! Any thoughts? Maybe suggestions for the title?

More ideas:
[li]The pants would probably die rather easily with maybe a few incendiary rounds(which just happend to be in the girl’s father’s( an avid guns & ammo freak) collection). The real problem would be the little girl in the way refusing to let the detective shoot.

Yes, and of course, they’re basically invulnerable to anything but fire. They should start out all sweet and cute, like something a little girl would buy. Maybe a pair of pretty pink jeans with a Hello Kitty snap. Then, over the course of the movie, the Hello Kitty face melts away, revealing a skull, and the pants get darker in color, until they’re completly black. (Thanks to Trillian for the ideas.)

I think it should be a movie about a group of young attractive girls that have to share 1 pair of pants as they cruise across the country getting into all kinds of sexual mischief.

One pair of <b>hot</b> pants, of course.

New idea for a title! “The Pantsing”!

That sounds like a comedy. Something more like “Dooming Pair”

And by pants, he means no pants. Sweet.

The flames burn away the fabric but somehow infuses the buttons with evil. The buttons are then found by a street family who uses them for the eyes of a patchwork doll for their child.
And so, Baby Buttoneyes is born.


YP i hear theres this movie where a doll is cursed or someshit and turns into a person i think its called childs play???

Ugh, torture us all with your chat logs.

Edit: Actually, rereading that, I totally misinterpreted. That idea is much better.

Trousers Gone Wild?
You’ve found a producer and publisher yet?

Wait, what?

The movie <i>isn’t</i> about a girl making friends with a sentient pair of pants?

What is with the really bad movies recently? My wife wanted to see this, so we went to the movies. I actually fell asleep.

I can’t believe this thread exists and people (er, males) are DISCUSSING all of this. More entertaining than a chick flick indeed.

Reminds me of child’s play. Should be a big hit.

Why don’t we make them pants big enough for Bahamut? They could terrorize a few cities and die from mildew stains or some shit.