The "other" SC

I’m speaking of Star Control, the game which set the standard for the whole space combat genre. It was probably the very first one-on-one competitive game I ever played… I used to spend hours playing it with my best friend in elementary school.

Anyway, I was trying to search out some ahem illegal copies of the game to download, when I came across something even more spectacular than the first SC. That is, SC2, which I had never played before. The makers of the game released the source code awhile back, and some dedicated programmers decided to port it to different systems. It’s actually a port of the 3DO version of the game, which I think was slightly improved from the PC version.

It’s a really awesome game. There’s a cool story mode, but the meat of the game is the combat. It’s just so well balanced, you have to play it to fully grasp how great it is.

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Edit: And the original PC and the that version are somewhat different (I believe there’s an option for the original PC settings on it somewhere)


I still own a 3DO, in the hope that one day I may find a shop that sells game for it. Anyone remember Space Hulk: Vengeance of the Blood Angels? Ahh, good times…

Old but cool.
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