The Other Day...

So, I discovered that the world is pretty stupid. People, everywhere I look, seem to not know what they’re doing. They take an interest in a career, pursue it, and then eventually end up sucking at their job. Supposing one is supposed to help someone, you’d think they’d do their job right and would help said someone. Right?


Although the human brain doesn’t officially develop until the age of twenty (or so), there are a surprising number of adults whose brains haven’t seemed to reach that point yet. Directors of major corporations in education are running havoc and are creating a drastic epidemic solely directed on students.

Why is it that adults do these things? Why do they go out on the roads every day, wreck their car, and blame someone else for it? Why can’t anyone else take their own blame for once? Why don’t people ever own up to their mistakes?


2 words: human nature. Denial is the most powerful force in the universe, more so than compound interest.

Human nature is stupid. That’s subjective, I know, but I just can’t seem to understand why people would act the way they do. I mean, what’s the point of doing something that eventually leads up to so much chaos and havoc when doing the opposite of what you initially did could simply avoid everything bad? Supposing one simple decision could prevent someone from going to court, why would anyone go against that and do the exact opposite.

For example, a special education director could go about doing normal things, when, all of a sudden, a student under their district could ask for a school change because she feels isolated in the current school she’s in. Why, when complying with that request could avoid a due process, would anyone twist the words of the law and make it so that this child is forced to stay in her district? That’s my question. I don’t understand.

I know, some of this is kind of confusing, but it’s all part of a really long story. A story that could be avoided altogether if someone had simply listened to a student’s very simple request.

I see where this is headed. And from experience I say you could end up in a school worse than the one you’re in now, if all you want is a change and you don’t know where you should go.

Maybe you should just move out of Indiana

I think that would solve about 90% of your problems.

Unless you move to Florida.

The social responsiblity of a corporation is to make profits, not to educate people. From the perspective of capitalist shills, they’re probably kicking ass at their job every time they sell some student-or-whoever down the river, because everybody knows externalities that only hurt poor people don’t even count. From the perspective of bleeding-heart namby-pambies, they’re doing a terrible job because corporations are everybody’s mom and should take good/paternalistic care of all the little proles. Me, I just think we should have gender-neutral pronouns, really hard .

Easy. Because people are shortsighted, self-serving assholes. Well, most of them, anyway. Just know that altruism, real altruism, does not exist in a business environment, and schools are no exception.

Amen to that!

It’s true, so many people I’ve met in my time on this planet are nothing but whats stated above… only very very few people have actually seemed so close to truly genuine to me! But we all know no ones perfect! I guess which just have to aim to be the least worst of our species.

How many car accidents is the average person in? You want to blame someone else because you don’t want your auto insurance expense to increase; it’s not really rocket science.

Probably like a hundred a day. Those horseless carriages are death machines.

Who taught you octagon!?

Moving out of Indiana won’t help, unfortunately. My family couldn’t sell the house, the school would continue what they’re doing. No, I’m just saying that the world needs a reform. Or at least Indiana does, anyways.

I do agree with you, Trillian, but I don’t understand why anyone would want to be an inconsiderate asshole.

LockeJV - that was metaphorical. My point wasn’t really wrapped around automobile wrecks. However, that is understandable. Stupid, but understandable.

points to quote in sig

Wow, I can’t remember the last time I posted this. Make realized I’ve been here for almost ten years.

Sorry, I took your post literally.

You should understand that as a rule, people are self-serving and only care to the extent that they benefit from you. This goes for friends, partners, and especially in the workplace or if you are a customer. People don’t like other people. You should change your expectations accordingly, and enjoy the exceptions when they come along.

Bad day, everyone, eh?

Gotta love Mr. Einstein. Those words are sad, but true.

Isn’t that the truth.

Invisiblesoul, if you don’t like the way people are, leave. Seriously, what’s stopping you? If you don’t like the system, don’t take part in it, but don’t expect to keep receiving it’s benefits.

Still fighting the good fight!

What’s stopping me? Good question. I’ve asked myself that so many times over these past few years. Unfortunately, though, the fact that problems will continue. If I leave, then I’m going to be viewed as a person who runs away from the problems. Well, at least the problems I’m talking about anyways. I’m not the only one in these issues. And if I don’t take a stance, who will?

People in general are weak and selfish and the consequence of this is that they will choose short term gain over long term sacrifice at nearly every turn. They are complacent and reject the idea they need to inconvenience themselves to get what they want. This typically leads to death spirals as seen for example in how they will enter dysfunctional relationships. They take the path of least resistance by assimilating an identity which is given to them by the outside world. As referred to at the entrance to the temple of Apollo, it is impossible for them to understand with anything which is from outside their tiny bubble, anything which is different because they have no understanding of themselves. This is extremely difficult to shake because this provides them security and food and security is the very basis of a person’s needs.

I don’t want to offend you when I say this but you sound young and idealistic. And that’s fine, but unfortunately as disappointments, frustrations and betrayals will accumulate, you will either break or have to accept there are things you can’t change. Believe me when I say that I have tried and I have had the motivations to do so and that I have failed. Many a tale have been written on the consequences of hubris. I don’t think we know all there is to know about your story and for that reason I am fairly certain my words and the words of others here will fall on deaf ears. Just take in consideration that those tales of hubris never end well for a reason.

Once you come to that realization that there is no changing human nature, ask yourself if you really care about what these people think? Ask yourself if they are the ones who will think you’re running away or if you think you’re the one running away? Why would they think you’re running away? What do they think you’re running away from? Why would they judge you for running away? What is their expectation of you? It is unreasonable for them to lay their burdens on your shoulders if they’re unwilling to help themselves. Similarly, ask yourself, what are you running away from and why should you care if they’re unwilling to carry their own burdens? This would make them nothing more than parasites. If their problems aren’t your problems, then you’re not running away from anything, but walking down a different road than theirs and there is nothing wrong with that, especially if that path involves doing something great, like science.

There will come a point where you will need to take a stance and as more substantial and actually combatable problems present themselves to you, you’re going to have to make a decision as to where to invest your time, resources and energy. For now you sound like you’re still in high school and living with your parents, no offense. In a few years, when you move out, go to college, substantial and rewarding possibilities will open up in front of you and you will be able to get away from that which irritates you now. There will be no escaping human nature, but you will at least be able to deal with it in an environment you will be less irritated by it. You just have to be patient.

OR: go watch Trigun.