The Origins Saga

The Origins Saga part 1: The Girl
By d_Galloway

A week passed since Galloway defeated Naar. He was still working on his alchemy, having nearly been blown apart twice and nearly melting off his face thrice. Almost everyone had gone home for the time being, save for F. Galloway, Weiila, Val, and Chris. Finally, things might be going good…

Mox stood patiently in the alley, watching the sun set. Tonight was the night. Tonight he would finish Galloway off once and for all.

He glanced at the watch he had recently mugged off an old lady. Strangely, the numbers were flying all over the place. Also, radio waves were being heard all around him. Like always, something wierd was something.

Just then, a large, green bubble appeared, with what looked like several different color copies of a thirteen-year-old girl floating inside. They combined into one form, and the bubble dissapeared, dropping her unceremoniously on the ground. Her clothes were ripped and dirty, her face was covered in dirt and sweat, and her red hair was in shambles. She was not in the best shape.

She got up and looked around frantically. Her face had a look of complete terror on it. Mox could tell that something was strange. Still, she was in front of the bunker. He’d have to kill her, too.

Just then, though, a heavy hand fell onto Mox’s shoulder. He turned, and saw a towering, muscular man standing behind him. He was nearly eight feet tall, with about two hundred metric tons of muscle making up his entire body. However, the big clencher was his face; Mox could swear he’d seen that somewhere before.

“Mox, right?” asked the behemoth. “Guess we have to stop you from killing Galloway.” Mox was shocked. How the hell did these guys know that? Then he saw the eyes in the alley…as well as the six other figures coming out from there…

The girl walked, dazed and confused, down the edge of the water. Then she tripped and fell over the side. Strangely, she landed in a small, futuristic boat. It launched itself straight at the large, white thing in the middle of the water.

Galloway continued checking his watch. Where the hell was she, anyway? She was supposed to be back with the pizzas by now…

Just then, a knock was heard. Everyone looked expectantly at the door, their bodies half-starved, their eyes lusting for food. Galloway raced to the door and tore it off its hinges.

It wasn’t F. Galloway. It was a young girl. Galloway just looked at her, wondering how she’d even got here; only a trusted few knew where the Boat of the Future was.

“Who are you?” he asked. However, the girl was already staring at him. She was not acting normal, that was for sure. Then she did the most bizzare thing ever. Something that shocked everyone watching it with sheer surprise. Sure, it was a little funny, but it was still really, really wierd.

She hugged Galloway.

Mox crawled out of the alley, barely alive. He now knew who was behind this. He cursed at their master before nearly falling unconcious.

He then noticed that girl version of Galloway walking briskly by, carrying about twenty pizzas. She looked at the bunker, saw a boat, and flew over. Using all his strength, Mox followed her at a distance, then landed on one of the engines.

F. Galloway noticed that a girl had firmly attached herself to Galloway. After all, that’s NOT a common occurance. “Okay,” she said, “dinner’s here.” Galloway grapped a crowbar and finally pried the girl off.

“Okay,” he said, “who are you, and what do you want?”

“My name,” she said, “is Maria. And I just wanted to say hi.”

“Okay,” said Galloway. “Now go home. It’s getting late.” She didn’t move; instead, she began to bawl. Galloway immediately sensed that she was probably lost, and he couldn’t do anything about it for now, due to his food-induced state.

“Alright,” he said. “Stay for now. We’ll get you home in the morning.”

Weiila: “Origins” saga? What kind of crappy name is that?
Galloway:…GALLO-BEAM! Gallo-beams Weiila into the sky

Originally posted by d Galloway
Weiila: “Origins” saga? What kind of crappy name is that?
Galloway:…GALLO-BEAM! Gallo-beams Weiila into the sky

That’s mean Galloway. You shouldn’t do that. soooo, Etnie Blast! *Lightning shocks Galloway."

dodges the attack easily, then powers up to Kaioken times 4 and kicks Gemini around the entire planet The moral of the story: Don’t mess with me.

OK, I get it, you rock.

Great intro d, and I can’t wait for the next one!:cool: A cool start.

The Origins Saga part 2: Future Turmoil
By d_Galloway

Everyone began to shovel pizzas down their throats at record pace. Guiness even showed up and announced them to be the “Fastest pizza eaters in the world.” Finally, all twenty pizzas were devoured, and everyone slipped out of the nightmarish state of mind they were in.

Maria laned back in her chair, to the point where she fell backwards. When she came to, though, she saw something she hadn’t seen before; a wall calender. She read the date: August, 2003

She got up and looked at it more closely. “Is this correct?” she asked, as if something on there was bugging her. Galloway didn’t believe what he was hearing, but shook his head yes. She then pulled a flat, futuristic device…one that Weiila easily recognized.

“How…how’d you get the Digipad?” she asked. Maria turned her head slightly, surprised that Weiila knew what it was. She placed it slowly on the counter.

“I…I found it one day,” she began. “It was…inside an old trunk. I had it when everything ended, and suddenly…I was here…” Chris did not like what he heard. “What do you mean, ‘everything ended’?” he asked.

Maria turned back to him. “The coming of GOD.” Naturally, everyone was surprised that someone would have the nerve to spell their name in all caps, but they were more curious about who GOD was.

“GOD…is a monster,” began Maria. “He showed up one day, demanding to fight all of the world’s strongest people. He crushed everyone, then decided to destroy the entire planet. I just lucked out because of this…thing…”

Galloway and the others looked at each other blankly. So a new enemy comes along, and kills them all. Despite all they went through, it might be truly hopeless. “Who fought him on your world?” asked Val.

Maria looked at her as blankly as they were. “World…? Well, I don’t quite understand, but the names of a few were…Weiila, Chris of the Brood, Valkyrie Esker, Starstorm, Pokefreak, PC Glenton, Wilfredo Martinez, GC Crono, JFGemini…that’s all I can remember off the top of my head.”

Everyone’s blank faces upgraded into the kind of shock you get from watching ER operations for seventy hours. She was from their world…

“What year does this happen?” asked Galloway. Maria sighed again. “2028.” 25 years…

“What about me?” continued Galloway. “Do I get killed, too.”

Maria looked away. “No. You dissapear before GOD even shows up. You could have beaten him, but you vanished. They died because you didn’t show.” She was starting to tear up.

“How do you know this?” asked Weiila. “Do you know Galloway in the future?” Maria walked up to Galloway and grabbed his arm.

“I should,” she said. “He’s my daddy.”

Mox heard this, and was sickened. So Galloway has a kid…

Then he finally collapsed onto the front door. F. Galloway, who missed the whole thing while she was in the bathroom, opened it, took one look at Mox, then shouted, “What should I do with the villianous piece of garbage?”

Galloway: What will she do with Mox? What can we do about GOD? Did my kid screw up her own existance by telling me? Tune in next time, same Gallo-time, same Gallo-channel!

Heh… nothing like a bit of episodic foreshadowing to make things intresting.

twitches a little at the idea of Galloway having a kid but is too busy falling over with laughter at Mox’ situation to really bother for the moment Wonderful start, Galloway! :slight_smile:

[darthvoice] I AM YOUR FATHER! [/darthvoice]

Cool fic so far, keep going. Time travel is usually cool.

Aye, Time travel is cool… but usually, you get tons of plot holes.

Originally posted by Weiila
twitches a little at the idea of Galloway having a kid but is too busy falling over with laughter at Mox’ situation to really bother for the moment Wonderful start, Galloway! :slight_smile:

What is so funny about me having a kid? I’m sure you and Star’ll have a bunch of little ones someday…although I don’t want to imagine what they’d look like. (Cat and angel hybrids…too much even for me.)

Originally posted by d Galloway
What is so funny about me having a kid? I’m sure you and Star’ll have a bunch of little ones someday…although I don’t want to imagine what they’d look like. (Cat and angel hybrids…too much even for me.)

just walks away without a word…

The Origins Saga part 3: Secret of the Orb
By d_Galloway

F. Galloway dragged Mox inside while everyone else was sitting around with stunned expressions on their faces. Finally, they remembered what to do in this situation: they fainted. Finally, a few minutes later, they got back up and looked at Mox, then went back to their stunned expressions.

“WHAT THE FUCKING HELL DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING?” screamed Weiila. “THAT’S MOX, DAMNIT! HE HAS TO DIE NOW!” She then pulled out Chris’s sword and charged. However, Galloway grabbed her and stopped her in mid-step. “Let’s hear him out first,” he said.

Mox slowly came to. He muttered something like, “Fucking idiots. If I had the power, I’d kill them all right now,” then looked back at them.

“Don’t worry about me killing you,” he said. “Somebody else’s already on their way.” Galloway drew his sword. “Who?” he asked.

Mox laughed again. “The one that gave you the Ultra-Orb.”

Galloway was shocked. However, he also noticed that F. Galloway was shocked. They both asked in unison, “Who?”

Mox leaned back again. "His name is Dr. Kaizer. He used to belong to my beloved Order of the Black Pentagram. Like that moron Blade, he had no magical talent, but unlike Blade, he was a purebred genius. He studied quite a bit of alchemy, and thus was the chief chemist.

“Then he tried to lead a rebellion against me. I slaughtered all the rebels single-handedly, then kicked him out of the Black Mage Village forever. Last I heard, he was pursuing something called, “The True One,” or something like that. He made the orb, then sent it to every world he could find. Strangely, the only people who ever got it where your stupid alternate selves, Galloway.”

Galloway just looked at him. “So he’s killing all the other Galloways?” Mox shook his head.

“No. The one he wants is very special. As you know, the Ultra-Orb gained its power by absorbing the energy from entire planes of existance. However, on one plane was a special kind of energy, which belonged to the great demon Hardtopronouncetor. The Orb that absorbed that energy would then create multiple versions of the wielder, rather than just two. And Galloway, when you broke the orb, Neo was the only one there, and yet he barely had any of the orb’s energy. There were, in fact, others.” Mox then gasped and exhaled.

Galloway began to feel faint. “You mean…I have other mes out there?” Mox shook his head yes. “Seven, to be precise,” he said. “They want you dead. Why, I don’t know. I already had a run-in with them today. That’s why I have a proposition.”

Weiila’s stomach turned. She could already tell that she wouldn’t like what he had to say. Mox cleared his throat and stood up.

“Why don’t we promise not to kill each other until after this is over,” said Mox. Before Galloway could respond, he had already fled the scene.

After talking about what this meant, Galloway decided that it was time to turn in. They had to go looking for Dr. Kaizer tommorrow.

“Maria,” he said, turning to the kid, “go take a long bath. You smell like something that just passed through the intestines of a sick old woman.” She didn’t like the metaphor, but went to do it anyway. Galloway then turned to Weiila and Val, and said, “She’s sleeping with you tonight. Agree, or I’ll bring Pooh here.” They agreed without another word. At that point, everyone split.

“Oh,” said Galloway, before everyone had fully left, “I have a very important meeting tommorrow morning. Wake me up for once.” However, nobody was listening at that point, so Galloway just went to bed.

Mox couldn’t believe what he said. They had just called a cease-fire. He had Galloway right where he wanted him, and couldn’t do anything. He swore that he’d kill Kaizer for this, then left for his cardboard box in the alley.

Weiila: Galloway, how dare you threaten me with Pooh!

steals his sword back

7 Galloways! Now that’s more than we can take! One is enough!

The Origins Saga part 4: Reinforcements
By d_Galloway

F. Galloway waited patiently outside the bathroom door. What the hell was taking that girl so long? Then she had an idea. A way to save their hides.

She went to the phone that very instant.

PC Glenton finished laser-cutting the panel on the skylight. He carefully removed it, climbed into the small hole, then placed the top of the rope onto the ceiling. He then slowly lowered himself over the Very Big Red Diamond. The one security guard had his back turned, so PC threw a sleeping dart at him, rendering him unconcious.

Next, he went back to the task at hand; getting the diamond. He pulled out the laser-cutter and went right back to cutting his way through the glass display case. Finally, he carefully removed the round piece he had cut off, set it on the floor, and grabbed the diamond. Then he made his way back up, and exited through the skylight.

He began to walk away, but his stupid cell phone went off. He answered it quickly, then ran to the spot F. Galloway mentioned.

Gemini tried the Firaga again. This time he actually improved; he hit Wil instead of nothing. Wil shook his head and walked towards him. “Kid,” he said, “you would have been better staying as a ninja.” Gemini frowned at that, but just then, his cell phone went off. He answered it, grabbed Wil, and ran off to the spot F. Galloway mentioned.

Pierson made his way into the museum, only to find that someone had already stolen the diamond. However, nobody had stolen the even more valuable diamond, so he took that instead.

He made his way back out, then recieved a cell phone call. He answered, then went to the spot F. Galloway mentioned.

GG Crono walked around, trying to find any kind of adventuring. However, times seemed to be slow here. How’d Galloway find so much, anyway?

Then he saw PC and Pierson running off to some spot. Naturally, he followed. Their faces read like, “I am going on an adventure. I am probably going to die in an extremely gruesome manner. I don’t give a rat’s ass.” That was the kind of face he liked.

Star, Poke and Eihra stood around at Weiila’s house in Sweden, waiting for some word from her. When the phone rang, they fought to the death over who was going to answer it. Star won, and answered.

He hanged up, grabbed Poke and Eihra, and ran off to the spot F. Galloway mentioned.

Sapphire Falcon was in the middle of reading when her cell phone went off. She answered, then ran for the spot F. Galloway mentioned.

Shalcar was doing nothing when he got the word. He left, as well.

F. Galloway knew it would be tommorrow before they got here, even with the chauffer she picked out. She returned to the bathroom just as Maria was leaving. However, Val rushed in and locked the door behind her.

F. Galloway screamed and kicked the wall, creating a huge dent. She quickly walked away before anyone could see what she did.


Heh… this looks good, so far… and not just because I made an appearance… though it helps. smirks

repairs the dent
This is good so far.

twitch Seven… twitchelytwitch Gallos…

Originally posted by Weiila
twitch Seven… twitchelytwitch Gallos…

Yeah… and I think they all want updates.

I like my part…that’s exactly what I would have done.

But you spelled my name GC. Please fix that and don’t do it again. :slight_smile:

Sorry, just a pet peeve.

The Origins Saga part 5: Super Galloway
By d_Galloway

About 5:00 the next morning, F. Galloway kicked Galloway’s snoring body out of bed, then assembled the rest of the troops. Galloway said that they’d have to go without him for the moment; he had some business to attend to. They then set off.

About five minutes later, they realized that they forgot to ask Galloway one very important question: what the plan is. So, they decided to walk into a dark alley and sit around until something happened.

The reinforcements arrived at the loading dock, and waited for their ride. Soon, Mr. T’s van pulled up next to him. Mr. T got out, threw them inside, then took off at enough speed to break through the trans-dimensional barrier.

The rest of the group’s patience paid off. A gigantic, muscular man came out of the dark. The few that could actually see his face noticed that he looked just like Galloway. This had to be one of the seven Galloways Mox talked about.

“Oh, look,” he said, “more little shrimps to crush! Say, what happened to d?” Nobody answered, so the man sighed. “Very well. You can call me Super Galloway, or crusher Galloway, or whatever you want. I’m just here to grind you into little bits of dust!”

After the usual stupidity was done, they got ready to fight.

Galloway just sat around, watching the clock. Where the fucking hell were they?

Val charged at Super Galloway, but he grabbed Gungnir, snapped it in half, then grabbed Val and threw her straight through a wall. F. Galloway fired a blast, but he just knocked it away with one pinky finger, and knocked her down with the other one. Chris attacked, but was beaten easily. Weiila tried to whip him, but he broke the whip in half, then knocked Weiila around for a bit.

Maria backed up into a corner, terrified. Super Galloway walked towards her, ready to crush her skull in. In desperation, she swung her fist out. It connected straight with his face, knocking him all the way into the water. She looked at herself, and wondered how the hell this happened.

Super Galloway swam out of the water, climbed back up, then left. He’d have to tell the others about her. She might be a bit of trouble.

Galloway sat around, still waiting. Finally, he got the call he was waiting for: they were on their way.

Mr. T’s van pulled up beside the battered heroes. Mr. T threw the passengers out, took the seven tons of milk F. Galloway had offered him, then left.

Gemini looked at the bleeding, beaten group. “Man,” he said, “I’m glad I wasn’t here.”

Galloway: I can’t comment on the plot, since this is too early.