The Orakian Hideout

My longstanding hatred of Orakio not-with-standing, why is his site still up? He does much less to contribute to the site than any other active member, yet he is allotted his own space to create his own crap filled universe? And lets not forget the last time I invaded his space and caused havok to the point of him saying he was leaving forever. What is he still doing here? Begone!

I’m just curious as to a public opinion. Granted, his site probably gets 12 hits a week, so it may not be a financial burdon, but at the same time a site hosted by me on tartarus would probably get more hits a second than his.

I’ve complained before in private, so this isn’t out of left field.

it was part of the agreement which allowed us to keep his shrines.

I don’t really understand your obsession over this issue Sorc.

(I didn’t close this thread, either, but it was smart to.)