The ole' What For

Why are certain people, like OP’s allowed topost on a closed thread. Especially when they closer of the thread said “if you wish to continue this, , pms , email.” So Kagon, why couldn’t you have sent that last comment on that thread to me in PM ?

Just a guess, maybe Kagon wanted to make a public example out of you.

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Xelo, that isn’t right though.

what’s not right about it? Lord knows you deserve the humiliation for all the sinning you’ve done.

Sinistral is right though, I just think he’s just having troubles expressing the idea he has. BotD really isn’t something I’d expect to see on the boards, but I agree that it’s not senseless. Rather than violating the senselessness posting rule, this is more an obscenity violation. Something like BotD would be fine on a board frequented by mostly college students or even passed around via PMs on these boards, but there’s a large presence of young people who read the main forum. Most parents don’t want their kids seeing something like that and would see RPGC in a bad way for rather unfair reasons. And that is why something BotD shouldn’t be allowed on the RPGC mobos.

X, What’s not right is that Sin closed that thread for a reason and said “if you want to continue this, pms, email.” my question is why couldn’t Kagon have send me a PM or an e-mail ? why did he feel he needed to make a public example of me, and why did he ?

Edited reasponse to GM: Vary good point. Now why couldn’t they have expressed that point rather than jump right in and saying “aww joor teh banzorsLOLOLOLOL” ? If ya’ll want me to not do it again, a simple “hey, this is a gaming forum, not a hot chick forum, could you please not post pics of hot chicks?” "no problemo mate. " ehh ?

Because Kagon’s a human, and he made a mistake. You’re also human, and you’re feeling threatened so you’re lashing out. Because you noticed Kagon’s mistake, you’re lashing out at him even though it’s really just a technicality and you’d probably have overlooked it if you’d not been in the same poisition. Any more questions?

What’s not right is you getting off by bending or outright breaking the rules and then pissing in the coffee mugs of those in charge when you get in any amount of trouble for it. Maybe if you learned some god damn fucking discipline…

what’s not right is that you distort facts by taking them out of context.

Okay, this little war between me and Kagon has to stop. Kagon, lets meet up in chat sometime and resolve the issues we have between us, comprende ?

Edit: Why can’t i close my own threads ?

Nobody loves me ;_;

I love you , Charl!!!

Originally posted by Born_Loser
Why can’t i close my own threads ?
Because on a moderated forum, there shouldn’t be such thing as power amongst men. People would abuse the privilege.

P.S. I love you too Charl.

Xelo, you should still be able to close your own thread.

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<IMG src=“”>I love you , Charl!!!

Just make him wear a bag over his head when you sexxorz, and you’ll never know the difference!

If you want it closed so badly, request a moderator to close it. However, if, for example, you had started a thread that got 30 pages long, and the discussion changes to the point where you’re insulted by the thread. Should other people’s discussion be halted because you don’t like what the thread’s turned into?

Originally posted by Charlemagne
Nobody loves me ;_;

loves Charlemagne


Originally posted by Xelopheris
[b]People would abuse the privaledge.

[/SIZE] [/b]