The Official Spiderman 2 Thread

7:00 PM Wednesday.


hot damn, Rotten Tomatoes has it at 94% as of now. Even the snooty Boston Globe gave it 3/4 stars.

Filmforce only gave it a seven though ;_;
(but I’m beginning to hate Jeff Otto, who’s come up with some of their more recent head-scratcher reviews)

Plan on seeing this ASAP. :smiley:

I’ll probably see it July 4th.

The first movie sucked.

I can’t believe people outside of the US paid to see it.

Miltank, you suck!

Milhouse: I’ve seen the Itchy and Scratchy Movie 13 times.

Nelson: I’ve seen it 17 times!

Bart: You must be getting pretty tired of that movie by now, huh?

Milhouse: Noone who saw the movie’d say that!

Nelson: Let’s get him!

<img src=“”>That quote sums up Miltank reason for not likig Spider-Man. :smiley:

As for me, I probably end up seeing it tonight, as I still have my free ticket from Spider-Man the Super Bit edition dvd.

I still mainain that Jeff Goldblum should have been Doc Oc.

The first one was awesome o.O

What sucked about it?

Miltank’s the tuff rebel.

Probably seeing it this Saturday.

The villain in the first one wasn’t very villain-y, and the second one doesnt seem like it either.

The Green Goblin wasn’t very “villany”? Dude, he held up a train car full of passengers, and the girl he loved and dropped them both - forcing a choice. That’s one of the most evil things I can think of…

Whats more is that the Green Goblin made the fight personal, he tried to not only destroy Spiderman, but Peter Parker as well (by going after both Aunt May and Mary Jane).

I don’t quite see how more villanous he can get. If anything, Docter Octopus seems less “villany” than the Goblin does.

But Doctor Octopus was always more kickass than the Green Goblin. I guess it’s the extra tentacles.

Actually, I always thought Docter Octopus was kind of a sissy. Easily the most badass of all the Spiderman baddies is Carnage, which I hope will see screen time in the upcoming movies, which I’ve been told quite a few have been laid out through the ending of the second one.

T-Minus 2 hours. What what!

you guys gotta pick up some issues of Ultimate Spider-Man that deal with Doctor Octopus. He is really, really cool under the writing of Brian Michael Bendis. Like, he talks to his arms as if they have a mind of their own (which I think is portrayed to a degree in the movie). His handling of the Green Goblin is also the coolest rendition of that character ever.

I saw it this aftertoon. It was really cool, but the first half dragged on little too much in my opinion. Because of that, I still think the first one was better.

Don’t get me wrong, it was a great movie. The special effects and fight scenes rocked!

One of the best movies I’ve seen all year.

And it has the Bruce Campbell factor. :slight_smile:

I think the first movie was really cool.I can’t wait to see the second one. ( :