The Official Sanctioned Mod-Approved YTMND Remembrance Thread and Discussionatorium

Post your favorite YTMND’s.


But only because I made it.

A quite catchy song, though I have problems remembering the lyrics:

Hey Mr America, could you please elaborate on what this thread is about? What are YTMND’s?

I don’t get why pi is funny. A lot of people get amused by referencing it. I don’t get the humor in it.

Helios, if you don’t know then this thread puts on sunglasses is not for you.

I used to visit ytmnd religiously. Probably got more laughs out of it than any other site. It appears to not be working properly at the moment, but I will definitely go through my favorites and post some when it’s back up. Bunch of us at work used to send links back and forth all day.

I wasn’t much of a fan until I saw the Batman: Ualuealuealeuale ytmnd. I was laughing so hard the guy in the cube next to me thought I was crying. I thought it was hilarious because I hated Batman as a kid (Adam West show, and especially in the Super Friends). Seriously, everyone else has cool super powers, and Batman’s running around with a fucking boomerang and a utility belt - whatever. Anyhow, the ytmnd summed up my lifelong disdain for the “super hero” perfectly: picture, sound, text.

Thanks Sin for the link! :slight_smile: I never knew about that until now.

@Charlemagne: FYI, cats don’t wear sunnies… that would have worked with your old avatar! xD

I forewarn you…you can watch this for HOURS.

Trillian wins for Crystal Castles

Some brilliant Mel Gibson: