The OFFICIAL RPGConfederacy Meet Thread


I see. Well, doesn’t matter anyway, mine is in April.

Well I could OBVIOUSLY make it considering that Ft Benning is like, part of Columbus basically. The only issue is that i’ll still be in Iraq until sometime in January at the earliest. We’ll see what happens.

Man you guys got shafted with what a 18 month deployment? I’m getting out of here within a few months.

Also, I’d sorta like to go if ya’ll dont mind and shit.

Ah shit. I ain’t going then.

But…984…I.I-I love you ;_;

Yeah 984, I really wanna meet you, man :stuck_out_tongue:

As much as I’d like to meet you guys, I don’t think I could get the time off of work.

Naw, January will make it 12 months.

I could’ve swore you made it to iraq in like october of last year :confused:

Nope, January, heh. I’m hoping to visit with some people when I get back, this’ll be a good opportunity if i’m around.

Varan, did Katrina have any effect on your home in Louisiana?