The OFFICIAL RPGConfederacy Meet Thread

It occured to me not so long ago that I do have my own apartment to do with as I please, which, after reading the other meet thread, getting a place to party was the significant problem.

So, I’m here to say that the signficant problem is solved. The next problem is to arrange a scheduled time for people to come into town.

984 is suggesting the MLK Jr break, which is great for locals but not so great for the out of towners, as some of you may have to drive. My lease is up in May, so I’m thinking maybe throwing a few meets, one for locals over the MLK weekend and another one over a Spring Break in late March/Early April of 2006.

So lets get talking.

Due to spring break differing by about a month for various schools, MLK Day sounds the best for now. If you renew your lease in May, then that would be good for a longer stay, especially if nearer the beginning or end of summer so as not to conflict with other shit. However, no need to think that far ahead.

Right, should enough interest be generated at that point then I’ll think about that then, or if circumstances for some reason encourage me to stay longer, then I’ll worry about that then.

My spring break is March 6-12 while 984s (at UGA which counts for Kagon too) is March 13-17. Any of you college kids or non college kids (such as Steve) who could come down around then should list your spring breaks as well. My lease is up on May 16th, so anytime within about a week before that date is up for grabs.

Why not sometime post Christmas, like early January?

He’s scheduling it around class times, and in Georgia, classes typically start earlier in January. If his school is like UGA, they’ll be done with the fall semester around the 16th of December, then classes will start back up around the 4th of January.

I’d definitely be up for a meet of some sort. Wouldn’t be too hard to get to seeing as I’ve been to georgia before (albeit with my father’s semi and him driving, but meh). I’d especially be interested in the march/april one on spring break because I’d probably bring jenna along :slight_smile:

The idea right now is for local people, in the south east, to come around the MLK break, and for out of towners to come in around the spring break time. If more people wanna come in for the MLK break then thats cool too - putting the two together is very possible.

Wow. :open_mouth: We don’t start til like late January, some classes don’t even start til February.

Well, my classess start up again January 9th, and the MLK break is the Jan. 16th.

I think it’s completely up to you guys as to when to have it, seeing as I just need enough ahead of time warning.

MLK is on. A longer one is not yet definite.

Well, whoever is coming the weekend of January 13 - 16 (Friday through Monday) should contact me through Private Message or email.

People in the South get MLK Day as vacation? I’ve lived here all my life and I never see it happen!

That’s very cool of you to offer to host multiple meets. You’re such a generous guy. :smiley:

Aw shucks.

Anyway, yeah, schools in Georgia get MLK off from school - I thought that was country wide as it was declared a National Holiday.

Like where in the south are we talking about?

Maybe I’ve just been in the wrong places. :smiley:

I live in an apartment in Columbus, Georgia, which is about two hours south of Atlanta.

It’s right along the Georgia/Alabama border, south of Atlanta. Right across the river from Phenix, Alabama.

I’m also gonna request that anybody who comes brings their own games. I only have a PS2 with two games (MLB 2006 and Shadow Hearts II).

I don’t get MLK day off, it’s not a national holiday. Anyway, when is your spring break?