The offend game

I have an idea for a fun game!
Post something that you think is a little offensive, and the next poster posts how offened he/she was and another link to another offensive thing!

I’ll start

Disco Hitler:

Oh, be sure they go by the forum rules

Eww! Gross! I’m offended.



That was humorous and strange. Hitler is funny when singing disco. But then again, I’m sure making fun of him or using him in a humorous way is still too “taboo” for some people. Oh well, I was born to be alive too.

… wait no… I’m NOT A NAZI! NEIN!

I’d post a link that I find offensive, but a certain regular would get all angry and whiney and I would subsequentially be banned.

<a href=“”></a><a href=“”>.</a>

(Got permission from Rirse, don’t get on my ass now :P)

See my sig for my answer.

If I had done that I’d be banned right now :stuck_out_tongue:

Cless wins!

I especially like the comic about evolutionism.

I love the Chick comic reviews at Screaming Monkey Labs, like this one: <that skin offends me very much

??? I’m not gonna try to be offended… alright, don’t say I didn’t warn you; Take a peek, you guys are worth it too. Oops, modified, forgot the whole risque-site posting=banning thing. Here’s another! Be sure to scan the images!

I hate maddox, his bittching is kinda funny, but he puts zero effort into it