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Way to shit on that freedom you preach so much about America. If the paper is liberal, then the only thing they should be able to do is create another conservative paper.

A conservative bias isn’t good, but a liberal bias isn’t any better.

I missed the proof that the editor was ‘obviously’ liberal.

Yes, but no bias at all is good. They may think that they have a liberal slant now, but its common that people ‘overshoot’ the solution, and go to far in the other direction in the effort of making it less bias (referring to bias in general, not just con/lib). People favor extremes, in my experience.

Oh, a creationist museum. Meh, who cares.
Oh, some other institution mixing politics in religion! Meh, it’s not that bad.
Eek, they’re burning books in alabama featuring gay characters or autors now! aaah, don’t worry.
Hmm, a new pope, the most conservative yet! Not like that’ll have an impact on this world.
Oh, interesting, the rtend goes back to religion and conservation of stuff and intolerance and closing your borders instead of opening them! Oh, who cares. Nothing’s gonna happen, right? Right.

I couldn’t agree more. And people favor extremes, but I like to have no bias in reporting, and plenty of extremes on both sides when it comes to editorials and opinion pages (so I can get my blood all riled up).

The Guardian does a good job at ignoring what the report actually said:

The report concluded that the NYT must expand on both sides of the political divide. “Our news coverage needs to embrace unorthodox views and contrarian opinions, and to portray lives both more radical and more conservative than those most of us experience,” it says.

I don’t see any indication that NYT will suddenly become a Southern Baptist mouthpiece.

The Guardian emphasizes the point that they want more religious, military and rural commentators because that’s the point worth emphasizing. Why? Because its a general trend in US media for news organizations to drop to their knees and try take a piece out of Fox News’ pie. The article talks about how they don’t want to compromise their journalism when as I see it, this is compromising their journalism as it happened with CNN, to name one.

Why is Christianity so tightly linked with being conservative? The men who founded this country weren’t Christian, and the Christian leaders today are making mad bank from being so big politically, but they’re not really promoting any Christian causes. Oh, I think I just answered my own question. Who wouldn’t want to drive a porche, right?

On the christian conservative subject, I find it kind of funny (and sad, at the same time) that so many of the peopel who make the most noise about doing things the way God/Jesus wanted them (the President, Jack T. Chick, and Jerry Fallwell are all examples of this) actually don’t really hold any of the values their faith (or Jesus) preaches very dear.

The thing about comprimising journalism is that Fox News found its niche in conservative viewpoints. They really tapped it and people realize that there is money to be made there. It’s not a good thing, and it’s not pretty, but it’s a reality we’re going to have to deal with. It’s all about money in the end. on another note, if you’re loooking for some info on this whole Fox News/conservative journalism issue, then go here and look at this, if you already haven’t.

Who still gets their news from American outlets anyway? They’ve <i>always</i> been terrible. Getting news from inside the bubble is just stupid.

I’m sure this change in angle will affect us all TREMENDOUSLY. Let’s all get outraged for no reason.



Burn the witch?

Oh joy.

No, “Don’t Burn The Witch”, by Venom.