The Not-So-Newbie thread.

They say, or at least used to, that no one can stay away from this place for long. They are lying ‘cuz I’ve been away for more than a year but I did come back at the end. So rejoice and just try to lift my smashed self-esteem by pretending to remember who I was.

And just for the record, whoever brought up all those new smilies kicks @$$.

That’s about it. So, hi everyone.


Oh hey man, how’re you doing now? Your family ok?

Yep, everything is going quite well lately… except for my grades but that’s a different story ¬_¬

Heh…I remember you, dude. Welcome back. :booster:

have little idea who you are. hi anyway. bm moogle for you.

Take a juggler too.

I did the same. Now I only post from time to time and don’t bother with the rest of the details.

Psh! How could someone with 735 posts possibly be a veteran!? I don’t know you, newbie!

Hades, get back in the kitchen and fix my breakfast. And no more sass from you, or you get beat with the sock full of oranges again.

I never said I was a veteran but I’m not new either. Don’t we have any intermediate levels?

I haven’t been on long enough to know you so I’ll introduce myself! I’m Kiro! Mostly known as the youngest person here!

Rikku: Whata bout me! Me: Oh, and that’s Rikku…


I remember you and your posts, quite well. Was wondering where you slipped off to, hiya.

: Mr. Waving Smilie says ‘You’ve been here before. No cookies!’.

Ah… I remember when you joined up… boy that was a long time ago; it brings back memories. Aw, now I’m getting all nostolgic.

(No, you don’t actually know me. I haven’t even been here a year, I am just bad at telling jokes, and continue to beat them to death by pointing out how bad they are and that I admit it)

Dude, there is NO WAY you’ve been gone more than a year. It seems more like 6 months.

Im an intermediate! Wait, when do you become a vet? ive been here like a year and a half.

Mister Ephyon, welcome back. We missed you.

Yo. Have a free Munak.

Nulani: I don’t know why but I always loved Mr.Waving Smilie.

WizardMaster: I think it was around ten months… I don’t really know nor care.

Yar: Thanks for the… RO avatar thingie that I’ve never seen before!

Haven’t seen you in quite a long time!

And don’t let your grades get you down too much. My GPA is absolutely horrible, but I’m working my hardest to get it back up. Don’t dwell on the past, because that time could and should be used to make the most of the present and thereby improve the future.

Say hi to me!