The Nietzsche Family Circus

Family Circus comics with the caption replaced by Nietzche quotes.

… How the hell do you pronounce his name, anyway?

I think it’s something like “Nitt-che”.

All of my philosophy professors have pronounced it “Neet-chee,” or “Neet-cha.”

I don’t believe it, someone actually made The Family Circus funny!

Go with Nee-che and pronounce the ch funny.

Stupid page is overloaded.

N. The “ie” is pronounced like I is in most European languages, that is, like an English long E. Then there’s a tz, which sort of gets swept up in all the excitement, but theres definately a hint of the T sound. Then, although ch is like a K usually, with s in front: “sch” in German is like sh in English, as in shoal. The final -e is like you might hear snobby people (or Germans) say at the end of “Porsche”. That is, like “-uh”. We’ll end up with something like kneetcha. Many English speakers say his name with a -chee at the end, which gives me the image of the mustachioed-one wearing a sombrero with maracas. This is lamentable. I have heard (at least in poetic usage) a finial “-chay”, which I let go because it sounds nice.

The name is derived from Polish, by the way.

I always pronounced it phonetically: ni-et-z-sh

I assess the power of a will by how much resistance, pain, torture it endures and knows how to turn to its advantage.

(Girl is being dressed in snow clothes)

It’s Neez-she. No funny ch- sound. People always seem to use that one whenever it’s actually not needed. :smiley:
And whoever made that site is weird. o.o;

I just thought how the “funny ch” could be construed. Nah, anyway. We are getting at the same sound but my phonetic spelling sucks.

“Funny ch”? k, now I’m thinking it’s pronounced, like, “Neez cha-cha-cha!”

That was hard. >_>

That’s the americanized pronounciation, and if you go after that you can pronounce it any way you want and nobody will care. :stuck_out_tongue: If you want to know the original pronounciation of a foreign name/word, is not going to help you.

As an American, I care nothing of foreign pronunciations by default! :stuck_out_tongue:

I imagine sound recordings would always help us correctly pronounce foreign names. But I guess asking for recordings requires a reliable person. :frowning:

<.<; Sorry! I’d been away for 2 weeks and forgot all about it. Send me another PM o.o;

I always heard it as neechee. But my hearing sucks, so it may have been
neet zhee.