The next gen Megaman serie unveilled!

<a href=“”>Introducing Megaman Sex-err, I mean Zex! Seriously! Zex!</a>

It looks MMZeroish in art style again, and it looks like Zero decided to give the middle finger to dying, again. Just a guess on my part, but Mr. Tiny Glasses is…well…yeah.

It could also be a prequel, who knows.

In any case, coming to Nintendo DS sometime.

That’s a pretty good look for Zero.

X has me more confused, Short shorts X looks different from the other, girlier (That’s a given, due to the art.) it’s like there’s 2 of them now, but I can’t read japanese so me confoozed.

I do like Zero’s new look, more sociable, even approachable, less of a memorywiped sword-slashing killbeast.

I’m pretty sure that short shorts X isn’t X at all. I mean, that’s definitely a female character, and she’s shown alongside the male X in the banner.

ZERO IS ALIVE!? ZOMGWTF I DUN BELIEVE IT! Excuse me, I need to go and give the finger to a rather big number of gullible idiots.

Non-helmet Zero looks pretty good and I’m for anything that gives the reploids an alternative look from the battle modes, but I’m not to crazy on the armored Zero. Those… “shades”? I don’t know, they took off the helmet and covered his face? Doesn’t look too good.

However, now I really need someone to figure out how to make a DS emulator ;_;

Ok, been looking around and I found some stuff. Girl X is calle Eile, boy X is called Van and it seems they transform into their armored forms. Translation I snatched from GAF:

A new entry in the popular system- and genre-spanning “Rockman” series has been announced. This is an action game with two selectable characters - a boy, Van, and a girl, Eile. The two are able to transform due to the “living metal” excavated from the ruins. This begins a new story!

What abilities could Eile, the first female protagonist in the Rockman series, have!?

Introducing a female protagonist!

This is how the character looks before the transformation. Could there be special transformation requirements?

So maybe it’s a new spinoff a la .EXE instead of a sequel?

The top left pictures are Van and Eile. It looks like they can transform into both an “X model” (mid pictures) and a “Zero model” (lower pictures), judging from what little Japanese I can read. Hence two types of both X and Zero.

I dunno, looks kinda cool. It looks more like a brand new game, not a sequel or prequel, kinda like MMBN, so the story won’t have a nything to do with the current series. Why doesn’t the lady Zero get a sword? He gets a blade, she gets coffee… I can see that.

That was the thing that I liked about Zero, he was a killing machine, not fancy boy X. Don’t get me wrong, I like X, but Zero was so cool in the first few X games.

Yeah, but Zero has been doing the exact same silent lone wolf routine ever since X1. That’s nine X games and four Zero games. You’d figure it’s about time for some character growth.

Fuck that shit. I want Mega Man 9. >:(

True, but has X changed at all? He’s always been the kind, pure, naive person we all know, and he’s been that for the past 9 X games, if you count Command Mission.

Exactly, Zero had hard blows when he became playable, but he doesn’t get any real growth from X6 to X8, X5 had the huge epic duel at least, but even that was pretty weak unless you go for the Viral Awakening ending.

And when you look at the Megaman Zero background story, you realise it bit him in the ass one times too many that he got tired of it. He tries to keep hope for humanity always, while Zero keeps his focus on the job while trying not to think about the stuff on the side too hard.

But in the end, they come together for a combined Final Strike on Omega, I love that part of the background clips.

It looks like the male Zero is holding his sword upside-down. :confused:

For more info i would go here … I think

Fuck that shit and that shit! I want Blues Resurrection!
Although, I’ll settle for either of the aformentioned shits.

Zero having a personality isn’t a problem for me. It’s not like it’ll stay the same from cutscene to cutscene anyway. These are capcom games, you guys. Anything in the writing you don’t like will change before you even have time to get that pissed, no worries.