The newest Chick tract...

Holy shit this is some of the most fucked up material I have ever suffered through. I should have quit before I even started.

I do want to give my input, even though everyone agrees with me anyway:

  1. First, I like how in one of the panals the girl has no pupils. (If thou hast no pupils, thou hath been cast away and shall forever burn in the fires of hell. - Chick 4:20)
  2. Apparently ANY Sin sends you to hell? What about the sin of acting like you ARE God and choosing who gets to make it there and who doesn’t? (::cough:: chick ::cough::slight_smile:
  3. This is the most radical “religion” I have ever seen. To me this doesn’t quailify as religion, but actually as a cult, for it’s method of worship and beliefs. Lutherans (a sane Christian religion) don’t believe this at all, and any real Christian church I think would agree with them.
  4. Ever head of “What Would Jesus Do?”? Do you, Mr. Chick, think Jesus would be so evil and twisted and low as to force people into “believe me or burn in hell”? Do you think he’d illustrate the teacher as an ugly hag just because she’s not Christian? How can you even believe what Jesus said if you ignore the understanding, compassion and acceptiance he showed the world?
  5. Read “Inherit the Wind”. It’s a good play, and it shows how science and religion are not mutually exclusive. (Maybe one of the first 6 days was actually a million years long?)
  6. The teach before had twins, right? Guess what! That’s a SIN! After all, isn’t having sex sinning? (And unto Enoch was born Irad: and Irad begat Mehujael: and Mehujael begat Methusael: and Methusael begat Lamech. - Genesis 4:18) Oh look, people from the bible sinned too! EVERYONE SINS! Does EVERYONE go to hell, or only those who die virgins? If it’s only those who die virgins, the human race would be knocked off in one generation if we all stopped sinning. Clearly this would be a good idea. You start, Mr. Chick, after all, we wouldn’t want to see your spawn anyway.

Alright, i’m done ranting…for now. That was just DUMB!

I so second that Bing

If God made dinosaurs and humans in the same day, then why are there no accounts of dinosaurs?

That said, I’ve finished this and think it’s jsut pretty damn stupid. What do you expect though, from everyone’s favorite Christian <strike>Propagandist</strike> Tract Author.

The whole evolution and God thing took place at my school a few months back with an 8th grade social studies teacher.

God tells us in the Bible what happened…

It seems the good Mr. Chick forgot that God didn’t write the Bible himself, but merely inspired men to do so. He then ignores the fact that the Bible as we know it is incomplete, and that various books were edited or omitted completely because they did not match what those men compiling the Book believed. Hurray for intolerant ignorance.

I just wanna say that most Christians aren’t insane, its just the insane ones that get the attention.

I believe in God and Jesus, I don’t do it so I can go to heaven, I do it as a way to better myself as a person, thats just what I think.

I think Chick is a jerk, I really hate his tracks about good people suffering in the afterlife just because of the religion they chose. They actualy scare me, since he misses the big picture since he’s too busy looking at the details.

Okay, Chick, this time you’ve gone too far!

hahahah that comic was hilarious. The teacher should of ate that girls head though.

Chick Tracts: proof that a grown man with the mentality of a 5-year-old can create an underground comedy classic without even trying.

One of the interesting aspects of that website, in the “Take Survey” part, under the “Most useful feature” you’ll find “Meet Jesus”. But you won’t find it under “Least Useful”.

I made the first 8 panals into a reverse version, where the girl is the evil extremist, but they won’t upload to geocities and I can’t post attachments here.

Email them to me ( and I’ll host them.

Or you can alwaus host them at