The newest Chick tract...

Oh…kay… any teacher that acted like that (even a substitute) would be fired right away simply because of their attitude towards kids. Also note that I have known NO good teacher to say “Uh… because that’s the way it is!”

Which is what Mr. Chick is doing. =p

Just wanted you all to get a glimpse of the NEWEST tract- yay for hatred thinly veiled as salvation. :slight_smile:

Also note that he says “If YOU believe in evolution INSTEAD of Jesus, you’ll go to Hell.” Who says it’s one or the other? =p

I can’t even read these things, they disgust me.

Really? I think they’re somewhat funny, when you realize that Jack T. Chick is either:

  1. Deranged
  2. Excessively manipulative
  3. The best anti-religious satirist of all time. ;p

EDIT: and looking at this tract again, I wonder if he is a paedophile. <.<;

Why do we care what Jack Chick thinks again?

  1. I think it’s funny (not as funny as say… <–the “Christian rock” one =p) and so I wanted to share it.
  2. He turns many people into mindless drones, something that I really don’t like- so I’m sharing that with you, too. :o

They’re both lies! Lies!

It’s silly. No more and no less. Just silly.

Now Roun, you’ve seem like you generally don’t like anything the Chick tracts say, so why do you keep reading them? I mean, do you derive some masochistic pleasure out of reading them? And this board definitely doesn’t like Chick, so why post it if it really won’t add anything or start thoughtful posts (or even humorously thoughtful posts like some nonserious threads)? Posting it will really just get statements like Epic’s that have been stated many times over. Maybe you’re trying to stir up controversy. I don’t know.

Hey, don’t bring me into this! My statement is legitimate, I read like 10 panels and had to stop, I just couldn’t keep reading.

I already said why, 984. I find them damned funny AND I’m pissed at them. I keep reading them because they’re ludicrous. =p

I can usually read only about half of a tract before I get sick to my stomach.

Oh man, that panel about how evolution was a lie made by the devil to keep kids out of heaven was the funniest thing I’ve read all day.

I love the one tract that says something like “Hell isn’t the cool party place popular rock music makes it seem!” as the description.

…I dont quite know what to say…

You can get THAT far? You’re stronger than I. ><

I don’t know if it’s more twisted or hilarious, but I laughed anyway.

I read through the whole thing, and unlike the D&D one, I didn’t find it very amusing.

I once read this at a movie review web site: ‘Religion is so popular because it gives people an excuse to revert to the mindset of a 5-year old’.

Ok, I’m i personally believe in creationism, but I couldnt even finish that stupid thing.

I see they conveniently left out the part about chimps having 99.9% the same sequence of DNA as humans.

Man, I get sick after a few panels… can’t stand these things, but oh well, he’s free to believe whatever he wants.

This is the first one I’ve read, I think. I seriously thought is was a joke.