The New Quake2 Thread!!!!!!

(RO is still for your old toothless granny)

Ok, as some of you know, I have been talking about getting a big-morass Quake2 party going to rock the casbah all summer long. Anyway, now is the time to start it.

Anyway, for those REALLY in the dark about Quake2, here’s some info. Quake2 is a rather old first-person shooter, like Doom or Half-Life. But, because of its age there are some definite advantages that come from this. For one, it can probably run on virtually all your machines. All you really need is probably a 56k modem and a video card in terms of requirements. The game is small too (after you delete the install zip the game will only take up 400-450 megs of space). And lastly, it’s a hell of a lot of fun, both the deathmatch and capture-the-flag modes are great and Quake2 was also the first game to get really good bots developed for it so that will even be an option. Lastly, and maybe most importantly, id Software has released its source code, which removes any qualms I might otherwise have about giving you the game for free.

That’s right, whether you have Quake2 or not you can still play. As I said, all you need is a 56k+ connection and a medium to low-range computer. The main way to get the game will be from an ftp site, but others may have it in fservs and just via regular file sharing. Plus, I’m hoping that once you download the zip file, and if you have like a dsl or cable line, it’d be really appreciated if you helped distribute it too, it will help spread the game around.

<b>Also, this was done last summer, but since then I’ve modified the zip file contents and changed the directions. Some people may have last summer’s version, and while the file content is the same this year, it’d be better for new people to get the new version. So, you should only get the file if it has a v2 label at the end, as mine will. I recommend for people who want to distribute it to others to get my new zips and delete your old ones.</b>

Anyway, here are the detailed install instructions for getting the game. As said, please make sure you have at least a 56k connection and a computer with like an exceedingly average setup, StarCraft-level specs-wise I’m guessing. Don’t worry, these instructions aren’t as tough as their length might suggest. I mean, TD could install it :stuck_out_tongue:


<b>So You Want To Play Quake2?</b>

  1. While you can get the zips from other users or their fservs, the most recommended way is to download it via FTP. If you have an FTP program already, go to step 3, otherwise keep reading. To get the files requires an FTP client for the most part, I suggest downloading WS FTP LE from The link to download it can be found <a href=“”>here</a>. You may also be able to connect to the ftp via Windows, but get the FTP client, since after all you’re going to be making shrines for us someday right? :stuck_out_tongue:

  2. Once that is done you’ll have to install the file. As you install it, select the options that say you’re “a student…” and check the boxes for “at work” and “for academic purposes”. Some of those selections won’t let you install WS FTP, which is why those specific ones are needed.

  3. Connect to the ftp site to get the files is next. Make a new site/connection and enter in the following information:

user name: quake2
password: irtehdev0l

  1. Connect to the server with that information, and you’ll see two files. They are called and One of the zips has all the information you’ll need, and the other zip contains everything but the Quake2 game, in case you already own it. Download whichever one applies to you, whether or not you have the game already.

  2. You’ll need about 1-1.5 gigs of space free between the zip and installing everything, but at the end of the day it should only take up about 500 megs once install files are deleted.

The following instructions are also found in a readmefirst!.txt file. This will detail how to install everything to play Quake2!


  1. Presuming you downloaded the file successfully; unzip everything into a temp folder or something. If you don’t have a lot of hard drive space you can delete the zip file after unzipping, but I don’t recommend doing that until you make sure everything is working right.

  2. You’ll next want to unzip the “” file. I recommend making a new temp folder within the first one you just made to put the stuff in, since there will be some loose files coming out of the unpacking.

  3. Run “Alcohol120_trial_1_9_2_1705.exe” and install it. You’ll have to reboot. After you do, launch the Alcohol 120% application, and open the “quake2.nrg” file. Right-click on it and “Mount” it to the extra CD Drive that should pop up.

  4. Go to My Computer and another CD-Rom drive should have appeared with a Quake2 label. Open up the drive and run “setup.exe” to install Quake2! Do the maximum size install.

  5. Now open up that second temp folder you made (from “”), and copy all the contents of it into the directory where the game was installed. This should upgrade your version of Quake2, and install the CTF mode and the Eraser Bot AI.

  6. The other steps are optional, but highly recommended. If you want to allow the ability to use microphones while we play to chat over during the game, install the “battlecomclient.exe” file, you can set up the program how you like later after it’s installed.

  7. Don’t bother installing the “battlecomserver.exe” file unless you want to run a dedicated BattleCom server. You can host with the client version so the server one isn’t recommended unless you plan on hosting the mic-server a good deal. Keep in mind you have to install the battlecomclient.exe file even if you installed the server one (so that you can connect to your own server).

  8. Run Quake2, make sure it works and configure your controls and video settings. I recommend enabling “freelook” in the controls (so that you can use the mouse to aim with), and changing your move layout so the four move keys are move up+move down+strafe left+strafe right instead of the default move up+move down+look left+look right that Q2 sets up by default.

  9. You may also want to start a new game, then go into the console by pressing the ~ key. Once there type [ bind X “use grapple” ] (without the bracets) where X is whatever mouse or keyboard button you want so you can operate the grappling hook, which is an extra feature in CTF-mode only. I recommend picking a button you can access easily but don’t normally use for any other FPS functions, since it’s not used in deathmatch mode. If you want to use the right-mouse button (like I do) type [ bind mouse2 “use grapple” ] (without the brackets).

  10. Get some practice in , I’m pretty decent at this game :stuck_out_tongue:


Playing multiplayer is pretty easy to set up, and I’ll even be running a dedicated server when I can, so stay tuned in that regard. For now worry about getting and installing the game, bring up any problems or questions here. And get fraggin’!


CURRENT FILES IN THE FTP ACCOUNT AND WHAT THEY DO --> Has everything you need if you don’t own Quake2. --> Has everything you need EXCEPT the game itself; this is if you already own Quake2

right now I’m still uploading the files, I’ll edit this post when they’re there.

EDIT: Ok, they’re there. Enjoy!

Do I get to be the official map hunter?

I’m still looking for “What The Fu*k ][”…

I’m going to ahve to deal with Merl’s F-serve. Yay. What exactly did you Chane Merl? MAybe you could just make a… “patch”.

I’m there. as I type TD is getting ready to rail my ass.

You may all thank me for hasstling Merl enough to actually DO this :stuck_out_tongue: In game, of course, you worthless slobs.

Things that are changed:

Eraser installer GONE
Eraser zip added
Old readme GONE
New readme added

What, did you let him kill you in two seconds instead of three?

Hey, you can’t talk, Mr. Ohnoidietwiceascond :stuck_out_tongue: And no, just general hasstling to start this.

I don’t die twice a second, you twit smacks TD

I pwn… in my own way. I’m a decent level player.

yeah TD just sucked an hour of my life away!

Is he REALLY that lame?

And I’m still looking forward to pwning your sorry ass Merlin.

You all know my schedule peeps. I’m on at home from about 2-6 AM EST M-F, and 12-8 AM EST on weekends. Althoguh I could get a special case made…

I have that effect on people.

Also, my hosting problems from last year seem to be completely solved. Woohoo. I’ll probably replace the f-serv with a dedicated Quake 2 server in a bit :stuck_out_tongue:

ok, remember how we were gonna have an actual tournament last year but didn’t get around to it, will we be having one this year? and if so, what will I get when I win?

Damn you Merl, just as I get kick-ass at UT2K4, you go and do this. Now I have to regain my Q2 skills.

Oh, download this: and adore the beauty on the last face you’ll ever see.

And this:

You guys are gonna play any MODs in perticular?

Since I can now host properly, I’ll poke the Devesatation mod a bit later. Not now, though. Maybe in a week or so.

I set up a small dedicated server for now, I’ll poke around with the options tomorrow. It’s closing to 4 AM, jesus :stuck_out_tongue:

hopefully CTF mostly Lun. It’s my favorite at least.

Merl, you mind if I upload my vast colleciton of maps to the FTP?

I might try this year. I haven’t played this game in centuries, but it might be fun.

I get a ping of around 200 when I join your server TD, a bit too high for my tastes…

Don’t whine, Green mage, I often hit the 350 myself.