The new PS2.

No…just no. Man, it won’t even play FF11. It opens on the top so it may actually take up more space since you can’t set your other stuff on top like the current PS2.

Um. Ew. I much prefer the disc tray slot thingy. It’s just much sexier, and I don’t know. I just like it that way better. I wouldn’t be concerned about losing “shelf space” with this one tho, since the only thing I EVER set on top of the system would be the case to the game that I’m playing at that very moment, and that’s presuming I don’t want the case closer to me for some crazy reason.

But, like, I dunno. I guess if it’s better, that’s cool; I just tend to prefer the original models for systems (even the old NES one, as craptastically as those actually work these days). Maybe I’m sentimental or something.

I like it. It’s slim and no bullshit, just like Winamp 2 and Media Player Classic. It’s also less clunky.

Gotta at least give it a chance, I personally prefer toploaders, so it’ll be interesting to see how this one does.

I prefer them too. The cd tray is prone to close while you’re putting a CD in with the slot-loading types, and that tends to piss me off. The only problem with this one is that it’s dangerous to stand it upright without a stand, which I liked doing with my traditional PS2.

And Info, FFXI is hardly the all-encompassing essence of the PS2. As long as I can play the good stuff like Klonoa 2, Shinobi, and FFX, I don’t really care.

I understand the fact that it may not embrace RPGs too much, but the XBox has shown me the light, with great games such as Halo 1/2, Ninja Gaiden, Red Dead Revolver, and so much more.

Congratulations, but this isn’t a console penis comparison thread. It’s a new PS2 model thread, so go preach your shitty X-Box elsewhere.

Bite me.

Woah woah, you can play Shinobi on the PS2? Heeey… ^.~

Yeah dude, i’m totally going to have to agree with Hades on this one.

Me = Playstation fanboy. Bad.

Anywho, one thing i’m really looking forward to getting into when I get back is going online and play great games like FFXI and MK: Deception, so I need the online capability. Plus, I really like my old ps2 and don’t see a reason to buy a new one:P It’s pretty neat that it’s so thin, but think about how thin it is closed, then think about how much room it’ll take up when you open it to insert a game. Now think about the current ps2. No change:P

And also, why do you have a pic of a Drill Sergeant as your avatar? Not to change the subject or anything.

If I ever get a DRE, I might consider getting one, since the PS2’s online ability matters little to me.

Play nice children.

If the new PS2 is cheaper, I’m all for it.

Man, its so thin, its like a piece of paper

I bet that 3DO could just step on that thing and crush it.

well duh, the 3DO was the greatest system ever created by man

Wow…so thin. I’m getting hot.

Someone at the PA forums had a nice word about the thinness: Anorexic

I don’t need a new PS2. I’ve got one already. :3

ooh…nice. But I like my first-gen PS2 better. huggles her PS2 ^^

But if you got the new PS2 now FF11 since it has no place for the hard drive. I also read somewhere that it isn’t compatible with all PS2 games, but that could be a rumor. The FF11 thing is true though.