The New Prince of Persia Games (Sands of Time and on)

Are they good? I loved just about all the prince of persia games that ahve yet come to pass, but haven’t tried these. I’ve recently come into some money (read: actually fucking gotten paid for once), and I’m wondering which, if any of them, are worth buying. I have a PC and PSP, if that matters.
Also, I like playing storyline-connected games in order, if that matters.

Sands of Time is awesome, get it.
Warrior Within is awful, and buggy so my save got corrupted 1 cutscene before the final boss fight.
Still waiting for Two Thrones to drop in price. It’s apparently good.

My cousin has Two Thrones. I’ve not seen the other two in action, but it looked decent.

Then is there somewhere I could read a plot summary of Warrior Within to avoid playing it and missing the storyline?

Anyone know anythings about Revelations?

I enjoyed playing them, i cant wait to play the third one though, it looks sweet.

Sands of Time was one of the best games I’ve ever played. The only problem was its length, but it was still a wonderful experience.

I actually kinda liked Warrior Within. I only hit one bug, and it wasn’t game stopping at all.

I’ve never been able to play Two Thrones, mostly because every Blockbuster within ten miles has it checked out for the next three months.

Arac want a plot of Warrior Within summary here,

Spoiler:Prince goes to island to destroy sands of time. He does goes home the Two Thrones comes into play.