The new poll is prejudice.

It lists all systems, even systems that failed, but fails to include the XBOX by name. Neo Geo? Come, that sold like what? 5 systems total?

Name one good RPG on the XBox besides Morrowind.

GG has a point I feel.

Knight’s of the Old Republic, but those two are just about the only ones I can think of.

Hey, shut up. NG pwnz. And it sold a hell of alot more than 5 systems. And it lasted over 15 years.

I knew I forgot something :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks, info. I moved your vote out of Others and into X-box.

Baldur’s gate 1 & 2
Star Wars: KoTOR
Shenmue 2

Besides, how many RPGs did the N64 have?

Paper Mario
The one Aiyden game
Quest 64
And that is it.

Thanks Cless.

I see your point. I didn’t even notice that N64 was on there. But still.

Right…Paper Mario was such a travesty of a game as to not be worthy of any classification.

Hey, I’ve heard nothing but good things about Paper Mario. But no matter how bad it may or may not have been, it could NOT have been worse than Quest.

Yeah, Paper Mario was cool. ;_;

Ogre Battle 64 was good.

Many would consider the N64 Zelda games as RPGs. N64 was more of a 3D Platform console though. PSX is where the RPGs are at.

Don’t forget Gauntlet Legends (although that’s also for PSX)

Edit: And I just realised that Alexandria doesn’t contain Gauntlet Legends as an RPG! Shame on you! >:O

I actually have a Neo Geo Colour :stuck_out_tongue: Sadly, only 2 games ;.; Sonic and some fighting one. It’s pretty cool though ^^ Better then the GBA O.o; (I just love the joystick :P) if you count the time the NGC came out too… oh well, no more games for it- it is now going to be put on a shelf and admired from afar!

Also, the 64 had some great games. Mario Kart ruled :stuck_out_tongue: (DAMN THE SNOWMAN LEVEL! DAMN YOU FIONA FOR MAKING ME HATE IT!) And oh god, snowboarding kids 2. That game has the best music of any video game I’ve ever played :stuck_out_tongue:

I just don’t like the X-box >.>; it’s games don’t really appeal to me… even the RPGs.


3do is my favorate system! I would play gex on that $700 laser disk playing behemoth untill my eyes fell out.

Id on’t consider them RPGs. If I did, I would have also listed Ninja Gaiden and Prince of Persia since they have similar gameplay elements…very similarto Zelda in format.

No one said that the N64 didn’t have good games, it just seveirly lacked RPGs.

anyone who owns an X-Box should be banned from RPGC.

(awaits Info’s ire with pronounced glee)

Prejudice is a noun. Prejudice is something that people can have or deal with. I think that “bias” might be a better word… Then again, I’m probably being too picky.

But seriously, get the Nintendo 64 out of there and burn anybody who suggests adding X-Box. Both systems are really lacking in the RPG department, especially N64. Playing Quest 64 was about as much fun as sawing your hand off with a rusty knife.