The New Harry Potter Movie

Kicks ass. Sooooooo much better than the third one. Go see it immediatly.

I’m going today. It seems quite good, so I’m expecting it’ll be.

Going tomorrow.

They severely conside raising the bar to “15”, since it’s so darn “scary” and “violent.”

They went for the “11” approach and suggest adult supervision. Too bad there’s no “13” over here :confused:

Wasn’t Harry Potter supposed to be a children’s book? >_>;

I haven’t even read the Flaming Goblet, just the first three books, and haven’t seen the other movies. Now, I sure wonder what happens with the movie where a certain famous internet meme appears.

Saw yesterday. I won´t spoiler anything but It´s worth to be watched. The best HP movie till now. And lol it was a good idea to raise to 15, I really wouldnt recommend this movie for young ppl.

There’s a certain scene at the end that might not be too suitable for ten year-olds. At least if it’s done right.

The books get more mature as the kid grows up, which is pretty well done. Half Brood Prince is certainly not something I’d read to a little boy before sleep time.

Cannot wait!

We’re going tomorrow evening and already have our tickets! :smiley:

I didn’t even know it was out yet :O, I must go see it this weekend!

It was good. Go see it if you like HP.

I saw it last night. Awsomeness. I’m going to see it again today.

The entire graveyard scene was great. Almost exactly how I pictured it. Plus, Voldemort is almost my favorite character (Yeah, I’m weird.) I was pretty happy.

Has anyone noticed that Harry has Vader hair?

It was good, though I think the book is better.

Harry Potter doesn’t interest me at all, but a friend from school told me she went to the midnight showing. She said that the film caught on fire at some climatic part of the movie. hahaha. :mwahaha:

I went last night, and I really enjoyed it. I didn’t look at my watch the entire time.

Getting to see the King Kong trailer and the Superman teaser was a bonus.

Saw it on Wednesday night. Friend’s Dad rented out the theater so we got gree food. :smiley: Loved the movie, best one yet.

Ron looks like Mike Maronna from Pete & Pete (the older Pete). Mysterous.

I love Ron.

Saw this on Friday, with a huge group of mates.

I thought it was really cool. And if anything, closer to the book than the third film was. But as always it still missed a few things out, but that is to be expected. Oh well, still really good film though.

Saw it last night at an imax. I loved it! Best of the four most definetly.