The new Argentina president is hot!

Go SE!

I was unaware an election had taken place. Do you have a link to a news story for us? More importantly, is a Chavez-aligned leftist or a rah-rah anti-drug US/Columbia ally?

Yeah, I’d pee in her butt.

That’s a little bit frightening.

I hope she’s good, then. I dunno anything about Argentina in general.

Don’t forget to slap her titties.

I thought that Crotanks’ comment was Cidolfas’ for a second. I almost had a heart attack.

Man, yesterday was a fucking MESS. Still, I’d rather put up with this than switch to electronic trail-less methods.

Yeah, she’s hot. I’m not particularily fond of her. No severe complaints against her husband aside from his pathetic attempt at hiding the rise in prices, but she herself has a somewhat apathic personality in regards to nationalism. She pretty much gave interviews to every foreign reporter that came across her but nearly zero interviews to OUR own journalists.

Bah. I won’t mind her personality so long as she does a good job. At least she’s more pleasant to look at than her husband. Better orator too. I hope she does a better job than our last first-lady-turned-president, though that’s not setting the bar too high.

Every single one of the candidates agreed on one point: Splitting away from Chavez. Though she was actually among the ones who only spoke of slight separation as opposed to outright giving him the boot.

Fairly good article, though there are a few things to note:

-The people calling fraud (Some of them whom I voted >_>) are bullshitting. The problems were generalized for EVERY party, and everyone had a bitch of a time voting. To say that the organization troubles and her massive victory were related is whinning like a sore looser. I mean, fuck, what country do you people live in. This Argentina, there are ALWAYS organization issues.

-She really did get where she is thanks to her skill. Having the president as her husband obviously helped, but she’s definitely the stronger one of the two.

Yeah, the “Latin Hillary” looks hot. But I prefer Ségolène Royal. Now I wish that Belinda Stronach would’ve run for Liberal party’s leadership, beating Dion and Ignatieff, and then becoming the sexiest Canadian Prime Minister by toppling Harper.

So the South American Union is on hold for now? I guess that Chavez’s dream of becoming another Bolivar won’t become a reality this decade. He needs to acquire more Russian subs and AK-47s :wink:

lol Belinda

Too bad about communism though, I was hoping it would work out D:


To be honest, I have no idea what is going on over there :stuck_out_tongue: But, its interesting that Argentina has elected a moderately attractive woman.

'89 was a blow for us all :stuck_out_tongue: