The MSPaint thread. This will be seriously awesome.

In this thread it is your job to show off the many marvels that can be created using that most underloved of mediums: MSPaint. I know most of you will be far better at this than me, so for now we resort to the lowest of denominators; random comedy.

Now you have to do better. Or just post whatever comes into your head. Myself and Hades will avoid cluttering this thread overmuch WON’T WE HADES. >:(

Let the creativity roll! :biggrin:

From our good friend Merlin:

<img src=“”>

EDIT: Using my own server now…

Sorry it’s not as awesome as the other works.

Also, here’s a cute looking girl.

That comic as a whole isn’t very good. But that particular one shows what MS Paint can really do.

Pierson, you spelled your own name wrong in your comic.

Come the revolution, BM1 and ClothHat will be shot. Val however will be hailed as the second coming. Devillion and 984 will be minor prophets.

BM1 just got upgraded to being shot in the legs and then submerged in acid.


…You know, I think I actualy did make a poll like that once. I forget what the FUCK I was thinking, but still, i think I amde that poll.

And Kitty, I posted art! I still die?! ;.;

You weren’t trying to be funny, were you? chuckles

Val, if you really made those in paint then you will be oficially added as a Goddess in the religion I will create someday O_o

Spaz wins.

And Val gets honorable mention.