The Movies of 2009

I had been meaning to post this thread for weeks but kept putting it off, in fact you can say that the “Blockbuster Season” has already begun with the failed Watchmen movie, and the more successful Monsters vs Aliens (and I totally called both, nyah nyah! :stuck_out_tongue: ) so here’s a look at more movies this year that might be worth watching:

This is taken from a Times Online article, btw. Check it out, it includes trailers: TIMES ONLINE MOVIE ARTICLE

-Red Sonja. What, again? Unless they put her in the chainmail bikini she had in the comics, I don’t care. :stuck_out_tongue:

-Night At the Museum 2: Takes place in the Smithsonian this time. Did this movie demand a sequel? Probably not, but what the heck, the first was funny.

  • Planet 51: CGI movie about an ‘alien invasion’- except the “invader” is an astronaut stuck on an alien planet. Might be cute.

-Creature from the Black Lagoon: What, they are gonna remake THAT too? I’ll stick with the classic, thank you.

-G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra: Hey, if the Transformers could make the transition…! Looks good so far. I wonder if this will work in these days where terrorism is more a fact of our lives, tho.

- Fanboys: Star Wars fans steal a copy of the Phantom Menace for their dying friend. These Fan comedies almost never work because they don’t get the details right, but there are exceptions (Galaxy Quest, for example.) Might be worth a look.

  • The Surrogates: Sci Fi crime thriller starring Bruce Willis investigating a murder connected to… service androids? Is this a Blade Runner rip off?

-The Wolf Man: What, that TOO? Give it up, Universal, your movie monsters will never be better! (Well, except THE MUMMY, that was good…)

-The Birds: …And they are remaking the Hitchcock classic too, it seems. The first WAS scary, but unexplained. I bet the remake will be bloodier but not in any way better.

-S. Darko: HOLY COW, A DONNY DARKO SEQUEL!? Now THAT even I never expected! Will probably not live up to the original. But you never know.

-Hannah Montana: No, I don’t care about it. Just mentioning it since you know it’ll be a hit. With the teen crowd anyway.

  • Dorian Gray: As in “The Picture of”. No pun intended. You might remember this guy from The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen movie. The original story was more mind screw than horror, but you can bet they’ll market it as the latter.

- Sherlock Holmes: notable only because it stars Tony St- I mean Robert Downey junior. Still not interested.

-Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs: I liked the first two movies, but the joke is getting old. Adding more dinosaurs may make it more interesting. But I might wait for the DVD.

-Nottingham: Robin Hood with Russell Crowe playing both hero and villain. Mmm… nah.

-2012: You know, the one about the Mayan Doomsday prophecy. After “Knowing” nobody will want to see this.

-The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus: Another of Terry Gilliams’ surrealists movies. Features the TRUE final Heath Ledger performances (unfinished, sadly.)

-Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen: Unless they screw this up, it’s a guaranteed hit. Though I’m not very interested.

-Avatar: No, not The Last Airbender (that one IS in the making, tho.) This one is about humans invading another world via remote-controlled androids. By James Cameron. Eh… I’ll wait for more details.

-Angels & Demons: The sequel of The DaVinci Code, but you knew that already. I don’t, since I don’t read the novels, and if it’s as preposterous as the first, I’ll pass.

-X-Men Origins: Wolverine: Also known as “X-Men 4 by a cooler title.” This might actually be good, even if I’m not a Wolverine fan.

-Star Trek: Is it me, or does this remake sound really, really Emo? Gimme back my manly Captain Kirk, dammit!!

-And finally, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. AKA as “The !@#$ing movie they promised us last year!” Hopefully DONE IN ONE and not split into two parts as rumored. Ahh, you know I’ll see it, and so will you. Don’t expect Dumbledore to come out of the closet, tho.


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seriously. simon pegg is playing scotty god dammit

hi steve.

Did you hear about the new Hannah Montana movie? The one where she loses her virginity?

It’s called “There Will Be Blood.”

I totally didn’t care one bit about the Star Trek movie until I read that.

-S. Darko: HOLY COW, A DONNY DARKO SEQUEL!? Now THAT even I never expected! Will probably not live up to the original. But you never know.

The original was slightly misfired and underwhelming, with flashes of brilliance, so I believe there’s plenty of room for revising/improving.

The Donny Darko sequel isn’t made by the same guy. It’s likely going to be horrible.

Will the remake of The Birds also have no music? I don’t think modern audiences would be able to appreciate this kind of stylistic decision

Wolverine - I downloaded the leaked version. It is fucking horrible. They destroy more characters that have already a history with comic book fans.

S Darko - WTF? that’s stupid.

It’s Deathly Hallows that’s being split into two, not Half-Blood Prince.

Other than GI Joe and Transformers (reliving '80s cartoon shows much?) there isn’t much there I’m excited about.

They should’ve split Order of The Phoenix in half, so the information presented in it might actually make sense and be relevant… On second thought, I’d rather be bored for 3 hours than 6.

I still haven’t read HBP.

I’d be surprised Miley Cyrus hasn’t had her cherry popped by now, 984.

On another note, why did they delay the release of the movie anyway? And isn’t there 1 more part coming and then its over? If so, when is THAT going to come out?

I think it’s because they didn’t want it competing with Twilight, and they needed a summer blockbuster.

How are they gonna do G.I. Joe without anyone getting killed? I mean with all that high-tech weaponry and whatnot, something’s gonna happen sooner or later. (Sort of a messed-up war in that nobody dies apparently.)

Not too excited about the Darko sequel. It’ll probably be crap. Though I’m hoping the X-Men movie will be good.

I’m actually interested in seeing the Sherlock Holmes movie o.o

Notice I said Hannah Montana, not Miley Cyrus. Besides, she’s 16. That’s the legal age of consent in Georgia. < /creeper>

Better than X-3 though.

My sister says there are sex tapes… >.>

haha yeah that way no one can read it anymore ! ! ! :dancer: :dancer:

It would’ve been way creepier if you were Idahoan. In triplicate, because it would’ve involved a pun on the name of the state (as it features “ho”), a dirty joke about potatoes, an the age of consent there is 14. West Virgiania would be a close second, with another state-name pun and incest replacing pedophilia.

I’m looking forward to Parnassus, and will most likely go see Creature of the Black Lagoon because I’m enough of a fanboy to that specific monster to need to at least see it and be all pissed. The remake of The Birds could be good, and maybe it’s hanging out with cinema kids since high school, but I think Zepp’s not giving the public enough credit. Actually, it’s almost definitely hanging out with pretentious kids and he’s probably right. But still. I mean. Uh. Maybe we’re not so dumb? That didn’t end up as hopeful as I would’ve liked.