The movie tragedy thread

This was inspired by The Man himself! What are your favorite moments in movies or tv shows when you just shit yourself laughing when really, you’re supposed to be digging out the tissue?

I think my favorite, along with many others, is in Meet Joe Black where he gets hit by a car and his body just goes flying hahahaha that one gets me everytime. I think that that scene is supposed to be funny anyway, and oh it is.

What are yours?

At the ending of Blue seed some girl dies and it’s supposed to be really sad, but the expression on the guys face is just really funny so I laugh instead.

Titanic when all those people were getting killed.

Titanic, when that guy fell from the deck and hit the railing.

In Quest of Fire - When the bald guy drops the fire in the water; When the heroes get stuck on a tree; and when the girl turns around while in a sexual act with the protagonist - really, me and some friends were all like “history’s first version of kama sutra, with two positions only!”

That bit in the green mile where the guy is getting gried with a dry head… I think that’s meant to be just a little worse than it really is… HAH!


Ha ha. The Man!

Titanic, when the goddamned ship finally sank. The best part were the people who were surprised by the ending, I mean “OH SHIT THE SHIP SANK! I TOTALLY DIDN’T SEE THAT ONE COMING!”.

My BF’s dad knew Brad pitt in highschool and hated the the prick so… we often watch that scene a few times and laugh.

I like the part where Dumbo’s mother gets locked up.

aww… I thought it was sad. Jerk.

I like the part where Bambi’s mother dies and his father is like “Your mother can not be with you”

Now that was funny.

The bit at the end of My Girl where Macaulay Culkin dies. Anyone who doesn’t piss themselves laughing at that has a heart of stone. :-p

Volcano. The bit in the subway, where the guy, I think he was a fireman, tried to rescue the last survivor from the train, he carries him and jumps out through the back door into the lava and launches the guy as far as he can whilst his legs ‘melt’ away (followed by the rest of him).

Funny stuff.


I find myself laughing at most tragedies that occur in movies. I find it hard to sympathise with those scenes because I know that they aren’t real… well unless the movie is made really well, like Requiem For A Dream.

The “butt to butt” part made me laugh pretty loud actualy in RFAD

Steve you look exactly like my friend Mark now, only you dont have any hair on your chin and he doesn’t have any piercings in his mouth.

And uh… titanic?

The Butt to Butt part was great though, because it helped to exponentially speed up the movie.

The part in Fight Club where Edward Norton beats the fuck out of the blonde haired kid always kinda irked me.