The most worrying computer problem I've had so far

I got an email from the AOL postmaster saying that an email I had sent to someone could not be delivered due to permanent fatal errors.

Problem is, it has been months since I last sent someone an email, and even so, I never ever sent any email to anyone @aol.

It says it received the email I “sent” today at 14:00. I don’t know what could cause such a thing. So, if anybody can, please enlighten me.

You’ve got a virus dude…I had the same thing. It said I sent shit to rpgclassics when I never did. Get McAfee Virus Scan or something that’ll check your email and scan that shit.

Yeah, it’s a virus. I once sent a porn website to a bunch of people at 12:00 noon one day (when I was in class). We lost AOL for a few days because of it, then we got the problem resolved.

Either buy a virus program, get one off Kazaa or use a trial at , though trials don’t last forever.

Another way you can tell it’s a virus: it sends it E-mail on the hour. Virii (plural Virus) never send E-Mail at 1:14 or anything, it’s always on the hour.

First of all don’t get a anti virus shield off Kazaa, there’s something absurd about that, it’s like looking for a dentist in a candy store, you might find one but probably not.

If you want a good free virus shield I recommend AVG you can download it here. It’s a nice reliable program that doesn’t use up too many of your PC’s resources, it has an auto update feature, and will automatically scan all incoming and outgoing e-mails with outlook (but not outlook express, I don’t know about any other mail programs). Downloading this should solve your problem if it’s virus related, however there’s no guarantee that it is, it’s perfectly possible that what ever spam you’re said to have sent didn’t even originate from your PC. Some programs that send out spam create random fake sender names and addresses, it’s possible that a spammer just happens to have fallen on your e-mail address for that batch.

I can very easily prove to you that it’s not virus related. Every now and then on my mail account I get an e-mail saying such and such message could not be delivered or a message you sent contained a virus. Now I know for a fact that my system is clean because I update my virus shield daily and run a scan every night. Then there’s the fact that my yahoo account is only accessible from a web browser and that I don’t have the browser save my user name and password, I type it in manually every time. So already you can see that it’s very unlikely that I’m actually sending these e-mails, but if that wasn’t enough it also has to have the browser select to send a new message and then paste a copy of them message into the e-mail before finally submitting it.

Now I know some smart and annoying viruses, but one that can do all that and whose only purpose it to send maybe one e-mail a month, seems a little far fetched don’t you think?

It’s extremely easy to fake an email’s origin. The email that got sent by “you” must have been a spam message masquerading as your IP address or email address or something like that. Assuming the “delivery error” message wasn’t a fake itself.

It may mean that someone else has a virus that takes email addresses from the Address Book - hence, if you’re on it, it will use your email address as a fake origin to mass mail itself. I remember getting similar messages myself - though I certainly hadn’t sent the emails and my system was thoroughly virus scanned. Could be someone else has the problem. Just delete any you get and sit tight.

I’ve been getting a load of those lately, allegedly sent to addresses I’ve never seen before. I just did a scan and McAfee didn’t find any viruses. I’m thinking it’s incoming than outgoing.

I’m with Dark Sand and Kero here. I’ll get in contact with my ISP to see if someone’s masquerading as my machine.

Excuse me, I meant to say Kazaa Lite, which I have yet to find any virii on. As a matter of fact I’ve done a search with Kazaa Lite for antivirus software for my desktop - got some McAffee that way.

Some programs that send out spam create random fake sender names and addresses, it’s possible that a spammer just happens to have fallen on your e-mail address for that batch.
you don’t know how many times I have to tell people that :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s very annoying still when you have a friend who can do that at will, who sends you emails saying “fuck you tart” from your own email address… Fortunately, I know his address. And so do about 60 gay porn sites, now X-D

And it sounds more like a mail server error than anything on your machine, don’t worry about it, if a virus goes between two email addresses, it’s very likely neither owner of the address actually has a virus.

I doubt you’re the one with the virus. The virus just randomly spoofs email addresses; and yours just happened to be one.
It’s nothing you need to get worked up about, but it still wouldn’t be a bad idea to run a scan.