The most awesomest cake evar.

Why doesnt anyone ever post anything I have NOT seen?

But…but…it’s too cute to eat. ;-;

The little koopa shells on the edges are a nice touch. ^^

I agree, I don’t know if I’d be able to eat it. xD

That’s seriously really cool though. I want a cake like that.

O.o I love it! I wonder how good it’d taste (that is if anyone could eat it :P).

Seems to unhealthy to eat. But it has blocks and coins :wink:

… that is awesome.

And ever since I first laid eyes on green ketchup, I’ve known not to judge taste by appearance …

That looks so darn good, I would enjoy every bite.

That looks lovely; I would certainly fancy a slice.

Nom, nom, nom.

Meh. Cake.

That is the best cake I’ve ever seen. Ever and ever.

Somebody! Quick! Marry me and we’ll eat a cake like that!

I bet every time you take a bite you get a 1up or some coins.

I had something with All Your Base Are Belong To Us written on it in mind, but this looks nice too.



That meme, while no longer entirely fresh in everyone’s mind, deserves to die a quiet, lonely death, because setting it on fire would bring it too much attention.