The more toxic the chemical, the more deformed the web (remember that, webmasters)

The web created under exposure to LSD is utterly perfect. You can’t see the ortogonal strings well due to the angle of the photograph, but notice that the white spots among the radial lines. According to NASA’s findings, it means that LSD is not only way less toxic than caffeine… It is almost non-toxic.

That’s an interesting site, but your title isn’t accurate.

I was just quoting the NASA guys (except for the webmasters part)

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I was just quoting the NASA guys (except for the webmasters part)
No you didn’t. The deformity isn’t used to base the toxicity on. It’s the number of completed sides.

Okay, I confess, I actually quoted what is in here.

Bah. You guys got no sense of humor =p

Freaky, but I suppose it’s useful to know that you shouldn’t give caffeine to spiders.

Okay, now that’s just freaky.

The freaky thing here is that they were experimenting with drugs instead of doing stuff related to space. I mean, the S in NASA stands for Space, not Stone.

That is true though, LSD is almost non-toxic. Phsyically, it is the safest drug, although it does have potential to cause mental damage, but that’s easily avoidable.
Hmm, that is interesting that NASA is doing drug tests on spiders, but the American government seems to be obsessed with drugs and drug research.

Caffeine is toxic, eh. More proof that coffee is evil! hides hot chocolate he is currently drinking