The Mona Lisa is Missing!

Just letting you know that the fanart section of will be a bit delayed in getting back on its feet again. I’m saving the submissions I get in any case, so if you still want to send them in, that’s just fine by me! But this is so you don’t worry about what the heck happened to the fanart director’s responsibilities.

The theme for June, by the way, is villains. Give me your WORST!

Take the time you need Fae, though we’re looking forwards to more fanart we’re not expecting you to work your poor behind off :slight_smile:

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ROFL! That’s so creepy, it’s funny.

Yay! I like the theme for June. I’ll TRY to send something. Haven’t done in a while. :stuck_out_tongue:

Its moments like these that makes me wish I had a scaner…:frowning:

Same here, Chris chris…:frowning:
Villains…I can already see those ev0l eyes and mean smirk right in front of me… grabs paper and pencil and begins to draw
I doubt I can submit anything soon though… :confused:

w00t! starts to do something so I can contribute SOMETHING before the summerbreak

I swear, if I see more than three Sephiroth pics…

Originally posted by StarStorm
I swear, if I see more than three Sephiroth pics…

…I fear we’ll find out the conclusion to that sentence come update time…

And we’re BACK!!! Go check it out!

And a big thanks to Zero for helping me with the thumbnails. ^^

Wohoo! :smiley:

As a sidenote though, even if you don’t normally announce updates I think that your return should be yelled about on the main page, less the visitors won’t notice in quite a while.

Ah yes, good point that… I always feel like I’m trespassing on 1337 hax0rville when I post there, go figure!

Yeah, I know how you feel :slight_smile:

Aight, June’s artwork is UP! We’ve got Erim by Dragon Tear, and two SPUNKY drawings from Weiila of Dark Macc, and Galloway beating up Mox. Go! Go look! Now! Go go go go go…

Mwahaha :o I’m not completely satisfied with Darkie (fought a war with his left arm) but at least the face got fairly decent in the end :slight_smile: