The Mind Reader

I was severely spooked out by this, but I figured it out pretty quickly…

There are only 9 possibilities: 9, 18, 27 … 81. The symbols are randomized each time you click, and EVERY multiple of 9 always has the same symbol.

Ah, yes, this thing. Drove me bonkers for a good long while before I figured it out.

Oh, this thing. We actually had a version of this on a test in first year.

Did anyone else notice that the crystal ball uses the teleport sound effect from Star Trek?

I think we had to code some simplified gizmo ressembling that one other day.

Anything that gives you rules about what you are supposed to think of, has some sort of system.
If it really was a “mind reader” it would say “Think of a symbol and we will show you which one it is”. :stuck_out_tongue:
(Or if it is really good it will say “Don’t think of a symbol, we will tell you which one you were going to think of”. :P)

Ya this thing is pretty good, when you don’t know what the hell is going. It can really freak you out.

I can do this. I’m that good.

The easier stuff is below me.

I tried it 3 times and it failed each of the 3 times.

Then you did the math wrong, because it can’t fail. 8p