The mind of a killer.

This man went on a school shooting, and this video is his “goodbye”, also explaining the bizarre and idiotic reasoning behind it.

edit; for those of you not able to understand what he is saying:

"I want to make clear, that nobody has a fucking clue what’s going to happen on Monday.

This was my plan. My work. I did this alone. Completely alone. Since 4th grade, people picked on me. And I was a loser. I wanted to have clothes with the brand name on it with the big letters. But all that fuck changed in 2003, and 2004. I learned that there is more in life than just consuming fuck, like that. Like clothes or hiphop music (I never listened to hiphop music, don’t believe that). In 2003, 2004, my life changed and I wasn’t human anymore. I was godlike. And I began planning this… this massacre. I wanted to kill them all, because they ruined my life. Because they, they changed my- the people. Who are like that. Who like to dress like that. Fucking humans. The people changed how I think. You are alone, and you want to have friends, and they changed completely how I think. The more you are with them, the more you become like them. And I said fuck that. I’m not into it. Anyways, my thing, I made the GSS massacre. Life has been beautiful, until I went to school the first time. There are two main reasons for that massacre. The first reason, is school. Teachers, students, everything in that fucking building. Second, the politics. I want anarchy. It is the only thing where we are really really free. Nobody has to tell me- No body has the right to tell me what to do and not to do. It’s my life. Not the fucking life of my parents, or fucking fat politicians, or any of those teachers with that fucking homework. It’s my damn life.
“Humans are a sickness. This earth is sick. I can’t fucking wait until I can shoot every motherfucking last one of you. Fucking damn bitches. They punch me, they spit on me, they laugh on me. And I’ll shoot them. Where’s the problem? There is no problem. I can shoot whoever I want. It’s my life, my gun, and I can do with it whatever I want. One time- In my classroom, he heated a key. Take a lighter, and heated it, and then the fucking moron just come to me and press it on my hand. What the fuck? Every kid in school who is different from the majority is a loner. And why is every kid different a loner? Because the fucking media turns the majority of the people what is cool and what is not. So baggy pants are cool, ya? I bet you can’t run in them. But it would be better, if you can run on Monday. Because I have a gun, I got bombs, I got molotov cocktails. You are in a war. This is war.”

In his monologue he says one of the reasons for his planned massacre was the fact that he was an outcast in school. So you see why school rules like forbidding tag, not grading some things, passing everyone despite of grades, forcing everybody to wear uniforms etc. are becoming more common in many countries.

I think this is a classic example of the kind of person that does these kinds of things and your just dismissing what he’s saying is even more idiotic than how you think what he has to say is idiotic. The fact that people consistently turn out this way for reasons said and unsaid is significant and isn’t being addressed by society and this means that these things will keep happening til someone wakes the fuck up.

Another typical day. This isn’t news.

You know, if the Chocolate War was rewritten to take place in the 90’s-00’s…it would’ve ended rather differently.

You know, if I dressed up like D, I think that would make me a little bit cooler. But I don’t have the hair or the face for it.

He can’t adapt to society…i understand what you’re saying, but there isn’t anything that can be done for him. Therapy? Medication? He’d have to have caring parents or a good school system for him to be identified as needing treatment or counseling, and he’s clearly already been failed by both of those already.

I agree completely there’s nothing that can be done for him at this point from that vantage point, but that’s not my point. Its not the fact he is a problem that needs to be addressed, but society itself as he is a product of our society.

I get it, change society now and the future will be good and peaceful and all, but what do we do about people like this guy now? I wouldn’t like to give such a guy a preemptive life sentence or death penalty. I also don’t like the though of forcing a people to live forever in a sanitarium.

Rehabilitation for people like that is possible. They probably won’t really ever be normal but they can be normal members of society as long as other people just leave them alone and they can get the attention they need. They also need to be given some hope and reason to live, which is what having positive social interactions and a job and something constructive to do with their lives. There is nevertheless the possibility they may require long term if not permanent psychiatric internment provided they don’t want to help themselves.

What these people essentially want is to be left the fuck alone and not be surrounded by the stupidity and superficiality of the world they feel trapped in. Give them a job, get them some counseling, get them away from jackasses and they’ll gradually cool down.

THANK YOU. The guy is all over the media in Germany currently, they’re big now on comparing it to columbine and so on. Unfortunately it raised another heated debate on whether to forbid ego shooters. In other words, they’re turning the fuck away from the real problem again and passing on responsibility to the next best things again. It’s sad.

The horror… the horror.

Speaking of columbine, I was watching this recreation of the events on the History channel a couple weeks ago and one of the actors they had looked a lot like Sin. So much so that I did a double take when I saw it.

A man has to pay his bills. (jk).

What was the thing called? Any pictures online so we can compare?

edit; nevermind.

That’s the show, but I couldn’t find any decent pictures with a quick google search.


That’s the only thing I found that was of decent quality. About halfway through is a pretty decent shot or two.

Oddly enough there are no torrents on this episode while there are plenty for the others. I checked torrentspy and isohunt.

man, I look better than that.

HAhaha! Judging from photographs he doesn’t look like that at all!

I think it’s gotten to the point where people are trying, maybe even subconsciously, to find people that Sin happens to look like. It’s interesting.