the medium Final Fantasy

So there have been the best, favourite, and worst final fantasy threads, so here’s something different. What is the most, medium Final Fantasy, for lack of a better word. What I mean by this, is what FF is in between good and bad, entertaining and boring, etc. New concept i think. For me, I think I’d chose ff8, not that I’ve yet to finish it, but it seems in the middle to me, not exactly the most exciting story and battle system, but okay.

Yeah, VIII seems pretty much like it.

I agree with ff8. I particularly disliked the fact that you could summon every turn. I liked the idea of GF’s in general, but it was just you could have an insanely powerful one to protect you and attack the enemy. But I liked the story. Overall, meh.

Erm, make this a fourth vote for VIII. :wink: The only real stand-out thing in eight were the characters- everything else was definitely solid, but unremarkable when compared to other games.

What are you asking, here? Do you want the median or the mean (assuming we were to assign some sort of numerical value that was proportional to how much we liked any given Final Fantasy game)?

My answer would be radically different depending on which “medium” you are referring to.

I explain what i’m asking in the first post, so unless you were ignorant enough not to read that and just post, you should know full well what i mean. and if not i’m sorry but I can’t explain it much better.

Thank you God, at least one person agrees with me.



I think it would be FFVII, but FFV is a close runner up.


I agree with the majority, FF8 just popped into my mind when I saw this.

FF9 for me. It was a great game, lovely story and music… just incredibly slow paced.

No wonder you’re “slowly becoming unpopular at RPGC” when somebody simply asks for clarification and you retort by calling them ignorant. The best way to make friends isn’t to go around insulting people for no reason, buddy.

Anyway, both Mean and Median can mean “medium”. Both the series’ Mean and Median would be considered “between good and bad” and between “entertaining and boring”, so your clarification in the first post doesn’t really help.

Thus, I will abstain from giving my opinion on the poll, as I would hate to sully the statistical accuracy of this survey by voting without fully understanding the question.

Yes, that was pretty silly, Pink.

For me it’s FF9.

No statistics are completely accurate as a statistic is only based upon the opinion or actions of a few individuals. And I think pink lugia means that you didn’t hate it or love it, you might have liked it. It isn’t the worst or even necessarily bad, just not as good as others in the series. For instance, I liked FF8, but I prefered most of the others I played, but I liked some of them less. Therefore, it was in between. Sorry if this isn’t any clearer, or if this isn’t what pink meant, but that’s what I thought it was.

Hiryuu, the thing is it isn’t a mathematical question. I’m not asking you what the mean of medium of the final fasntasy’s are, as that would simply be a math question. Darkness has it right. and i didn’t call you ignorant, unless you really didn’t read the first post before you yourself posted.

Erm… I’ll have to vote IV; I’ve only ever played FFIV, FFV, FFVI, FFTA, (and FFT and FFVII to a very small extent). So until I’ve played FFT and FFVII deeper, they’re gonna stay at the bottom of my pile.


X for me. I liked it, but I wasn’t engrossed the way I was with the three previous Final Fantasies. I think it was just because it was so linear.

Make that a second vote for X.