The Match Game-RPGC Squares Hour (prelims)

Just so that that other thread can die a natural death, I’ll go over where we’re at to date. I’m going to be taking applications through <B>Tuesday, March 29th at 3PM EST</B>. Let’s start with the rules, as we’ll be playing it:

<B>ROUND 1</B>: The Match Game

“Dumb Dora was <I>soooo</I> dumb…”

For those who aren’t familiar with the Match Game, it’s a pretty simple formula. There’s 2 contestants, and a panel (normally 6 big, but in our situation, we’ll use all 9 panelists). The host reads a phrase with a blank in the middle of it like so:

“Dumb Dora was so dumb that when she wanted a bouncing baby boy, she made love to her husband on a _____.”

At this point, the panelists all write down their responses (in our case, those responses will be e-mailed). Once all is ready, the host repeats the question for the contestant (again, this will be handled by e-mail, so no re-read will be necessary), and the question answers. One-by-one, panelists show their answers, and the contestant scores a point for each match. Matches are worth 100 points a piece.

<B>ROUND 2</B>: Match Up

The contestants each choose a panelist (they can not choose the same panelist, the winner of round one gets first dibs). At this point, the contestant and chosen panelist are both given a list of 10 “quick match” questions with two possible answers, such as the following:

DRAGON ______

For each quick match that the contestant and panelist agree on, the contestant gets 50 points. This total is added to the pot, and we move on to round three.

<B>ROUND 3</B>: The Match Game

see above

New Questions, obviously, and the matches are now worth 200 points.

<B>ROUND 4</B>: The RPGC Squares

For those not familiar with the Hollywood Squares, it’s a formula that’s worked on TV for a very long time. 9 panelists form a square, 3 high, 3 across. Contestants (we start with the contestant in last place after round 3) take turns choosing a panelist. Then, the host reads the panelist a question, such as the following:

“According to a generic magazine poll, are women more or less likely to be overweight after a divorce?”

The panelist gives their answer (often after a snide joke), and the contestant is given the opportunity to agree or disagree with the panelist. If they are correct, their symbol appears in the panelists square (either X or O). The game is considered won if a contestant scores 3 X’s or O’s in a row either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. The contestant also wins if they capture five squares. If a contestant is incorrect, their opponent captures the square, unless that square would win the game for their opponent, in which case the contestant must “win it for themselves.”

A successful game nets the contestant 2000 points. Whichever contestant has the highest score at the end of this round is considered the winner and goes onto the bonus rounds.

<B>ROUND 5</B>: The Super Match

Only the highest scorer from the previous rounds goes on to play this round. I’ll survey a few chat rooms and get their best response to a quick match (like above). The most popular answer is worth 1000 points, the second most popular is worth 500 points, the third most popular is worth 250. They may ask three panelists (pre-chosen in our variation) to give them some assistance. At that point, they must either go with a panelist, or choose for themselves. If they do not score here, they are given a complimentary 100 points to move onto the next round with.

<B>ROUND 6</B>: The Head-to-Head Match

The second and final bonus round. The winner takes their score from round 5 and gets a chance to multiply it. Each panelist will have received an e-mail with a number (either 10, 20, 30, or 50, four 10’s, three 20’s, one 30 and one 50). The player will be allowed to pick a panelist to match up with (not knowing their number, obviously), and a quick match question will be read. The panelist and contestant will both send me their responses at this point. If they match, the panelist reveals their number, and the score from round five will be multiplied by the amount on the card, and added to their grand total. If they do not match, the amount from round 5 is added to their total. That’s the end of the game.


That’s the rules. Here’s how to play:

Simply send an email to with the following information:

-Message Board handle
-e-mail address
-Contestant/Panelist preference (I’d rather shoot for all staffers for panelists, as they used only celebrities for the panelists on the show, but we may not have nine staffers apply)
-Your answer to the following question:

“Frankenstein really wanted to scare people this Halloween, so he decided to dress up like _____.”


Here’s where we stand to date:


[edit] Final responses have been accepted. Replies have been sent. Awaiting final acceptances.

Early responses don’t necessarily guarantee that you’ll get in. I’ll be choosing randomly based on amount of time in the chat room/message boards. More common visitors will probably be chosen first, just because I more than likely know that they’ll respond faster. This whole game is dependant on e-mail, so a slow response slows down the whole game. You’ve all got until next Tuesday to get in those apps, so hurry it up, will ya?


I once saw a Hollywood Squares where someone was able to get the five square rule even though his opponent only had three squares (thus, not the typical 4v4 stalemate). That through Tom Bergeron and the Squares for a loop.

It’d throw me for a loop, too. Why the hell wouldn’t you just go for the traditional “tic-tac-toe” win at that point? If the other player only had 3 squares, it’d still be possible… O_o

I guess the guy (or gal) just wanted to be different and show off or something.

Yeah. He wanted to show off. I woulda done it too.

This definately sounds fun, but I’m not sure if I want to apply or not. I’ll let you know within a day or two.

And if it helps, I ooze free time from every pore, so I can guarantee prompt responses.

This might sound noob, but what’s message board handle?

Your message board name.

They’re more likely to be overweight BEFORE the divorce.

And sat, it could’ve been something like this

EDIT: I can’t think of a single 5:3 situation where there isn’t a hole for the win.

It doesn’t have to be a 5-3, I think. It has to be a 4-3 situation. Getting the question right would make it 5-3, regardless if this opens up a line for the win.

Like this:


No matter what square X chooses next, s/he gets a five square win, while being totally unable to get three in a row. Of course, this scenario requires stunningly bad strategy, but it is feasable, I believe.

It also requires them to like NEVER pick the middle square, even though that’s 99% of the time the first one picked.

Application submitted. Don’t care if I’m a panelist or a contestant if I’m picked.

3pm+5hours = 6-8 to 12PM Perfect! Some fun!

Big Nutter
Some one Told me that http:// gets you to some of the Yahoo sevices such as text only Mail.

There are still several days left to apply, I don’t think anyone’s going to be late. :smiley:

[edit] Oh, and seeing that BBC image in BigNutter’s sig reminds me that viewers from the UK could have seen Match Game on BBC (later on ITV), though it was called “<A HREF=“”>Blankety Blank</A>” over there, and Hollywood Squares is known as Celebrity Squares throughout the rest of the world. I’m not sure, however, if Celebrity Squares is riddled with the “calibre” of b-grade talent that our Hollywood Squares is overrun with.

Another day and a half to submit apps.

No more apps, sorry. Emergency happened today, will post results tomorrowish.

pokes Mr. Saturn

Quiet, you, I’m working on it. :smiley:

A couple of snags getting started (not everyone got me avatars in a timely manner, still waiting for some people to e-mail me back in the first place, gonna e-mail out again tonight or tomorrow to make sure I got the right e-mail addy’s), and, of course, writing questions is hard! But it’s still coming. Sorry about the delay getting started, once we get started (players providing) we should be going at breakneck speed.

Man, this thread is going to be full of double posts! Hooray for me!

Anyway, I checked and not all of the e-mails had been sent like I’d thought… so, I double checked and got them all out. Now I’m just awaiting avatars, and a couple of acceptances. So long as everyone who submitted an app and got a reply is still interested, and can send me an avatar, we’re in business and ready to begin. Notice the updated board and contestants’ row above. If you’re too lazy to scroll up:


Only one person bailed so far, and that was for important reasons. Hopefully we’ll keep enough people to play a game… :confused:

I’m so sad, I’m not next to SG. sniff sniff

sniffle you’re not happy that you’re next to me? I’m hurt.

You can’t have all the awesome concentrated in one corner.