The Mailbag

Just a little rant. First off, this is about the people that write in, not the mailbag. I’d like to make it VERY clear (hint hint) that this is NOT to be a mailbag bashing thread. And second, this is not directed at anybody but at people in general.

Recently, I asked people to write in to the mailbag, and every time, I got “Not interested”.

There were a variety of reasons. The mailbag’s not funny. The topic’s boring. My replies are rejected often. I don’t feel like it.

The mailbag might not be funny because the jokes can’t work with the replies. A serious reply is fine, but don’t expect them to create stand up comedy when you send in a crappy reply. Their job as hosts isn’t to produce gold from lead. They can’t be expected to have a punchline without a set-up. I’m not saying that you should try to make spots for jokes, but don’t expect it to be the epitomy of hilarity when you don’t. Either help them or get off their case.

Speaking of unfunny, I’d like to bring up entrances and other fluff. Personally, and I speak only for myself when I say this, I’ve never found entrances or stuff dealing with sidekicks funny in the least. I’ve always found it to be extraneous and worthless lines of text so I always skipped past it. It seems to me that the only people who would enjoy reading those are the people who do it themselves. Or maybe just themselves and not all the people who do them. Anyway, the point is more about content. The replies seem to be filled with fluff simply to take up space and often have very little to do with the real topic as the writers will sometimes get sidetracked and start to write about other things. Or sometimes they’re two line pieces of crap that wouldn’t make it into the mailbag if there were enough replies. And two line replies are often what some replies can be slimmed down to. And some replies are absolutely horrible. While entrances and guest starring yourself seem to be to feed egos, some replies are so ridiculously over the top it’s disgusting. Don’t think you’re higher than them and ESPECIALLY don’t say it to them. They don’t even have to do it and are wasting a good deal of their time to give you a source of entertainment. Don’t make them put up with your shit. Now this is by no means directed at everyone or one person in particular. There are some excellent replies to the mailbag, but I won’t name names since somebody’ll get mad that I left them off.

And as for complaints, since I’m certain I’ll get some, nobody on the mailbag team put me up to this. But on the same note, don’t complain to Kagon about the mailbag. He’s not in charge of it. When you have something to say about the mailbag, say it constructively if you want to be acknowledged. I’ve seen some of the complaints, and they can be downright rude. But more importantly, do not praise the mailbag when you know a mailbagger’s there and then go insult it when you think they’re away, you god damn hypocrite. You know who you are.

If you don’t want to write in because you think topics are boring, SUGGEST ONE. If you think you have something interesting, go ahead and submit it. They can’t do a good mailbag if they don’t have a good topic, and it’s very hard for 3 people to come up with fresh topics week after week when compared to what a much larger group could do.

Basically, what it comes down to is: it’s not a one way street. Don’t expect to be able to send in crap, have it get accepted and come out as gold. It doesn’t work that way. If you don’t like how the mailbag is, do something besides bitch about it. Send in a quality reply if you want a quality mailbag.

Oh yeah. Another thing. DON’T BOTHER KAGON. Hell, send your mailbag complaints to me, and I’ll tell you what I think of them.

Just so it;s clear, I respond to the mailbag every chance I get, and try my best to respond…I just can’t think of anything good for this week. ;_;

You have inspired me, after 80+ Rast-less mailbags, to send in a reply :slight_smile: I hope you like it.

Shh, can’t read my e-mail till it comes time to reply. It’s a secret…

What? You want a reply to your e-mail, GM? :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually, it might be fun to put it in.

I used to reply all the time, and barraged Cid/the team with suggested topics…but after a while of topics I couldn’t say anything about I just kept forgetting. Sorry. v.v

Originally posted by Dai ryuujin
Their job as hosts isn’t to produce gold from lead.

<img src=“”> Well, crap. Now I’ll have to get myself a job to afford my stuff. Thanks a lot for shattering my DREAMS Dai ;_;

How is that a little rant?

Even though it was the biggest guilt trip for me ever ;_;

Haw, that ruled.

I don’t really have the patience or the interest to submit to the mailbag - but since I don’t really read it anyway, It’s not a big deal for me. In fact, I really don’t find much of the mailbag funny anyway - not even back when Macc did it. Basically, Macc’s mailbag was FARTs lite, and then everybody else who took it over after him just sorta rehashed the same formula.

Granted that I haven’t read any of the mailbags these days, I dont even know whose in it…

Ditto, I just don’t find it all that funny, so I haven’t bothered reading it for months.

I wasn’t aware there had BEEN any recent updates, so yeah.

I read it because I enjoy seeing other people’s ideas on how to improve games or elements from games, etc etc. I don’t go to read it because it’s funny.

And I always try my hardest to stay on topic and not fill the submissions with fluff and crap. My reply will be as long as it takes to get my idea across, no more, no less.

Mailbag : Bunch of replies on topics I couldn’t care less about, and all my suggestions aren’t much better.

Mailbag team : Bunch of people answering letters. I seriously couldn’t give less of a crap.

Yes, that’s my opinion of the mailbag. The rather sporadic updates haven’t helped my opinion of it either.

I liked the mailbag when Cid was in charge of it, I replied every week he was in charge, ever since he stopped, I just kinda lost interest. & just to say, i used to be like the people Dai described, I used to write a bunch of crap just to get a punchline, but I grew out of it, but I’d like to say that Cid was the best in my eyes.

Originally posted by Igatona
[b]Mailbag : Bunch of replies on topics I couldn’t care less about, and all my suggestions aren’t much better.

Mailbag team : Bunch of people answering letters. I seriously couldn’t give less of a crap.

Yes, that’s my opinion of the mailbag. The rather sporadic updates haven’t helped my opinion of it either. [/b]

If I want your opinion, I’ll tell you what it is :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not asking that everybody love the mailbag or write replies if they never did or don’t like it. I’m asking that people put more thought into their replies and that those who do read stop annoying the mailbaggers.

Edit: And furthermore, the apathy doesn’t help any either. I don’t give a flying fuck if you don’t care about the mailbag since this isn’t addressed to you. I didn’t intend for this to suddenly motivate people who never did care.

I don’t give a damn who your favorite host is, and I most certainly do not care that you hate the mailbag and don’t want to write it. What even makes you think I want to hear that after I wrote all that.

“Well, the mailbag’s a piece of shit that’s boring and uninteresting, and I don’t want to have anything to do with it.”

But I would like to thank Rast, YK, Rirse, and I guess Rud, even though he only wrote a reply because I threatened to shoot him, for writing replies after seeing this.

I send you a mailbag reply with no sidekick or stupid intro, Naru. Now give me back my money! :smiley:

Sporadic updates, well, when a mailbag can take 5 hours to more to do, and no one gives a flying fuck about it, there’s not much motivation to do one, now is there?

And Dai, thanks.

You’re welcome. I read it, too.

… Did you frickin’ use “Maylbag” as the subject of the E-mail!?


Thank you Dai. However, I’m surprised you didn’t give a shout for checking spelling and grammar. Then again, I think I’m more of the proper English fiend, so oh well.

This thread actually reminded me about how I wanted to reply for the current topic. Yay!

I’ll try and reply with something: I just need something to reply with. For how long does a topic last?