The life os a Platsation 2?

I’ve had my PS2 for almost 5 years ago, and about a week ago started to have major problems with it. It won’t load ps2 games, the ones that do load are choppy and eventually freeze up. it well load ps1 games half the time, when they load they play fine. It won’t play DVD’s. I tried cleaning it but no luck. Is it basicly time to get another one? I’m not sure how long a ps2 is "supposed’ to last.

This is really crappy, I bought disgaea yesterday and i really want to play it. :scream:

Lens could be dirty. If its giving you disc read errors, send it into sony and they’ll fix it for free.

This is a good question. I’ve had my PS2 almost since it came out and it’s still working fine; I’m more worried about running out of good games (what with developers more likely focusing on the PS3 from now on) than on it breaking anytime soon- though last night, it wouldn’t play a DVD movie (The Fox and The Hound 2) but it plays others OK, which I guess means that the DVD’s format is probably new and the PS2 won’t read it. That can be a problem if more DVDs are like that in the future.

So, yeah, anybody knows how long it’s supposed to last (or if it can read bluetooth or whatever the new DVD format is called?)

Blu-ray and it can’t. That’s one of the allures of the PS3. It’s a Blu-ray player and a console for half the price of just a Blu-Ray player.

The entire drive assembly in the PS2 is absolute trash, its not just the lens. The entire system is absolutely horribly made. Your system will die, its not a matter of if, it just might last longer than another friend’s PS2. “Cleaning the lens” means absolutely nothing, and lens cleaning kits are snake oil and will do nothing.

The only fix you can do is to raise the laser seat height on your PS2. You’ll need to the void the PS2’s warranty, and have a very small phillipshead screwdriver laying around, but outside of that, its an easy process. This tutorial will give you instructions on how to raise the height of your laser, but is NSFW because its on a warez site.

Your laser will eventually die completely, and be unable to read discs even at its new height, but this solution will work for awhile. And to be honest i would not buy a PS3 in the hopes it’s drive will be better, if only because of how horribly the PS2 is manufactured, i wouldn’t expect them to have suddenly become qualty control masters.

Wilf, there is no DVD format that the PS2 can’t read. DVD is a strict format, they’re all made the same. Sometimes there are different copy protection schemes, like Macrovision or Infinifilm, but these won’t prevent the DVD from being played in your PS2, because these protection schemes only apply when played in a non-standard DVD player, like a DVD drive.

Hades, the PS3 is only “half the price” of a bluray player because the only bluray player on the market is aimed at high end consumers…it wouldn’t take much to make a cheap version of a bluray player. The technology involved does not drive the price up, the fact that the current player is being aimed at rich consumers drives the price up.

Well, i followed the instructions {And even cleaned the lens and such} and nothing happened, its still having teh same problems. So i think my lazor is screwed. From what i’ve been hearing 5 years is a decent run for a playstation 2 So i’m not to disapointed. :suckah: Anyway, i can buy another used one {like the last one i had} for a little more than $60 so no biggy ^^

Thanks for the advice guys. ^^