The Leugue of Extrodinary Gentlemen

I just saw this today…and it R0XX0RZ ALL B0ZZ0RZ!!!
Hell, it was BETTER than the comic I had read!
It apparently got a lot of sucky reviews though…all from idiots, obviously.

So, who else has seen it?

It’s “league”.

And I’m seeign it tomorrow1 :slight_smile:

I will, hopefully… depends if my checks come before it goes.

I’ll see it once I can get a ride to the nearest theater…

Well Zhou, since your behind me, I wouldn’t mind giving you ride. Yea, I’m gonna see that soon.

Even though it has several differences from the original thing, I look forward to it.

Originally posted by Valkyrie Esker
[b]It’s “league”.

And I’m seeign it tomorrow1 :slight_smile: [/b]

:ulty:It’s “seeing.”

And the period goes inside the quotes. :ah-ha!:

I hope you have a good time though. I’m not sure if I’m ready to see Sean Connery as Captain Nemo yet.

I plan on seeing it soon.

Connery isn’t Nemo, he’s some sort of Indiana Jones-like character.

I think he’s Simon Quarterstone… most likely the adventurer from the book “King Solomon’s Mine.”


The whole story kind of sucked ass. I felt like the whole thing was rushed over a weekend.

I don’t recommend seeing this in theater if you have any interest in it. 7 bucks for that stink burger. If you want to see a movie, see Pirates of the Caribbean.

And it’s Allan Quatermain

Originally posted by Merlin
Connery isn’t Nemo, he’s some sort of Indiana Jones-like character.

He doesn’t have to be Nemo any more than I have to be a superhero to be dubbed Captain Obvious.

I saw it today. It was awesome. I loved the parts when The immortal’s picture was shown to him, when Sawyer shot M from that distance, and also when Nemo first showed everyone the ship.

Pirates on the other hand, was excellent.