The Legend of the Urban Legend site! :D

I recently (see last year) started to visit this strange site on the net called Snopes that deals with a number of urban legends, ranging from horror, business, Titanic, Disney, and more. All the great myths are told here with prove of it existence or why it not true. Just watch out on the horror page, it will make you freak out when your alone at night. :eek: . Just don’t forget to the see the Lost Tales page for some “real” legends. :smiley:

Snopes : Urban Legend Page

Yeah- I’ve known about this for a while- and so has everyone else here. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, it’s one of my favorite sites. Remember to check out the most embarrasing moment in the history of the Swedish military:


I knew of an urban legend site, but I don’t think it was this.

I’ve known about Snopes for months. I’m pretty sure almost everyone else does too.

Known about it for ages, but I always forget the address.

I’ve seen things from it, but never realy had a good long look through everything they have in their.

Im so far out of date I had no idea that site existed.

It is now bookmarked, thanks Rirse

You’re like 5 years too late.

cool site! :yipee:

Ah, Snopes r0x0rz…it’s one of those sites where you could spend hours reading it.

It’s fun…and educational!:yipee:

I love that site. :hahaha;

Originally posted by LockeJV
cool site! :yipee:

Mmm… necropost.

I love snopes, everytime someone tells me a story that happened to their friend or their aunt that sounds fishy I look it up on snopes and it’s there more often than not.