The Legend of Dragoon

I got TLOD this week and I’m stuck! I can’t beat Doal. Help me oh great one’s of RPGC!!!

What characters are you using, what levels/Dragoon Levels are they, and do you have any healing breezes?

Exactly, I personally kicked his ass the first time around, so we’d like to know the info.

As of now, I can only tell you to hit hard and fast with your additions. Considering you don’t have any element in the game that is effective versus thunder…

Doal, as in the Emporer? (it’s been a while since I played it)

If your having trouble with him, you are either unleveled, or just not prepared enough, so you may wish to get either more healing items, or just level up some more. And then do what Igatona said, hit him hard, and hit him fast.

And make sure your guys have a GREAT magic Defense, or a high HP level. His thunder magic spells will cripple you.

I used Haschel and Albert for this battle, just to tell you.

Albert and Rose, but that was always a mistake. Although, Albert’s Gust of Wind Dance more tham makes up for it. Damn, he rocks.

Best thing I can suggest is to have Albert in your party. He’s slow, but GoWD and Rose Storm are invaluable keys to victory.

Albert is the best physical attascker in the game, if you use his additions right. And his Rose Storm ability is useful, especially in the Grand Jewel/Divine Dragon/LLoyd, Divine Dragoon form, since transforming is kinda dangerous then.

I also used Herschel and Albert in this fight. Herschel hits really hard, early on, so it’s imperative to make sure you can get his additions down.

I used Rose and Herschel…and I think I won due to dumb luck. w00t.

I thought it was Haschel. Ah, well.

I never liked Haschel, anyway. His onmbos were the only ones I ever had any problem doing.

The only combos I can ever remember having trouble with were Albert’s the first time through the game. But now, there ain’t an addition, I can’t do.

And Val, you are right it is ‘Haschel’, and not ‘Herschel’!

As for the party I use it, is usually whoever I felt like on that go through the game. But my favourite team would be Dart, Albert and Haschel. They are tough!

The additions are one of the contributing factors to making that game suck. It was simply too much work to get that kinda shit down.

Of course, the other main contributing factor was the cracked out expierence system.

i think the worst part is when you run out of room and you can’t
put that item back in your invontory.

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